Adam Bomb starts Go Fund Me campaign to get his music equipment overseas

Adam Bomb starts Go Fund Me campaign to get his music equipment overseas

In a rather unprecedented move, singer Adam Bomb has started a funding campaign titled “Get Adam Bomb‘s gear back to the US” to get his music equipment from Europe to America.

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Adam Bomb‘s Go Fund Me campaign states (with slight edits):

“Hello, my name is Adam Brenner. I go by the stage name Adam Bomb, and I could use some help to get my music gear back home to America from Europe.

From 2004 -2015, I was on the road pretty much 250 days a year. It took its toll my family, I lost my wife to cancer in 2011, and my daughters and I have been struggling ever since. There were many times my family needed me, but my obligations on the road kept me far away, sometimes too far away to rush home. My wife broke her arm while I was on tour playing in the UK, she never recovered, and I still can’t forgive myself for being away. I was committed to the places I had booked, the fans that were expecting a rock show, and my band members who were counting on me to pay them. It was also our only source of income after my wife fell ill, so I had no choice but to keep playing.

I really gave everything I had to rock ‘n roll, and the road. It’s been that way ever since I first picked up the electric guitar.

I made a lot scarifices and so did my family. If I had to do it all over again, I would probably do just what I did, but maybe try to choose some band members/business partners that were more loyal. I lost my father while I was on the road, and I only got back in time for my wife’s final hours. She died a few hours after I returned. The band I worked so hard to keep together split up after the bass player started a solo band right after my wife died. Those regrets are pretty big.

Adam Bomb – On Top On Your World

New Adam Bomb video using clips from the 2011 European tour. Adam Bomb – guitars & vocals Violet Cannibal – drums Paul Del Bello – bass

This video above was shot in August 2011, two weeks after my wife died. The bassist quit shortly after to go solo, and the drummer left because of it. I went through countless European musicians to try and honor the commitme[n]ts I made. These replacement band members usually quit after one or two tours.

Adam Bomb photo 2In my decade of touring, I helped out hundreds if not a thousand support acts with gigs all across Europe. I always let support use my gear if they needed it, and these amps and road cases have been with me since 1984, when I got a 10,000 dollar advance from Geffen Records to buy equipment.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have done some incredible things in music. I played with John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, and Chuck Berry. Tne bassist of AC/DC and the guitarist of Rolling Stones played on my records. Billy Idol even sang at my wedding, but making a life from music is a tough road and it doesn’t always end pretty.

After the last tour in summer 2015 which both my daughters came with me, my Facebook profile got shut down, and I couldn’t get it back. I lost practically every contact for work that I had over the past 10 years.

I couldn’t get enough gigs in 2016 to keep it going, and sadly, my band members ditched me to start other projects. The outcome left me unable to make any money to send my gear back home to the USA, so I can try and start up a new band and work closer to my 15 year old daughter who really needs her father in her life.

Back in 2004, I shipped all of my gear over to Europe and started doing concerts. I started with 10 shows, then booked 100, it turned into 1000, and I doubled it. I don’t know any other American unknown band that ever did as many shows in Europe.

Adam Bomb photo 3It brought in pretty good money, not enough to get rich, but it was a business. I always left my gear behind in Europe and booked another tour to try and pay the bills of the previous tour. It was difficult to back financially, having to pay band members a weekly salary, shipping costs, merchandise bills, gas, van rentals and van purchases, equipment and van repairs, police fines, plane tickets and hotels, once in while food. It’s probably why I’m still skinny. I did it for 10 years straight.

I did it all without a manager, record company or booking agent. I always made sure everyone got paid and I took to extreme measures to make it work for so long.

In the end, I was left with nothing but my gear and a van with French plates. And the telephone bill was all mine. So were the credit card bills that got it off the ground.

I can’t just dump this gear on the side of the road, like a few of my ex band members suggested and I really can’t imagine selling it, it’s not worth enough since everything is so road beaten and would be too expensive to replace to start something up in the USA.

To take on it plane as excess luggage would cost more than a house.

I’ve gotten an estimate from Mapcargo, a shipping company that I’ve worked with since 2004, and it’s quite high just to even ship it by boat. It’s over 3500.00 dollars just by the kilo weight alone. With customs fees it could be as high as 5,000.00[.]

Adam Bomb photo 4This year, I’ve been in the EU trying to get to get the band back together so I could book a tour, and get enough work to ship my gear home. I was rejected from my former band members, who are out doing the same circuit they did with me. I’ve only done two gigs with pick up bands, which made just enough to pay the musicians.

I was really trying to restablish a base over in Europe and keep it going, but it’s just hasn’t happened. I have to pack it in. My youngest daughter goes to school and stays with her sister or couch surfs with school friends. I can’t let it go on any longer. I need to get home and sort out our lives, and make a new start somewhere for my daughter and I.

I have heard that crowd funding has worked out for some musicians like Ginger Wildheart who replaced me as Michael Monroe‘s lead guitarist, something I did in 2001. So I humbly decided to give it a shot.

I’m asking some of my friends, fans, club owners, support acts and ex-band members that I let use this gear to help me out so I can get my gear back home.

Once I get my gear back home, I’ll try getting an American band together, a vehicle, and few gigs to try and get it started. If it works out, I could probably do what I did in the UK & Europe in the USA. 2000 shows.

The first step is getting myself and my gear back home.

If you can help pitch in a few bucks it really would mean the world to me. If I’m lucky enough to reach the goal and if there is any left over, I’ll apply it to trying to get that new band together in America.

Thank you, love Adam