Aussie rockers Roadkill release video for song “What The Hell”

Aussie rockers Roadkill release video for song “What The Hell”

Hobart, Australia based rockers Roadkill have released a second video in support of their fourth full-length album Extinct, which was released in September 2016 via Melodicrock Records. This time, it’s the song “What The Hell” that gets the Roadkill video treatment.

roadkill-album-cover-2Melodic Rock‘s showcase for Roadkill‘s Extinct album states (with slight edits): “Formed in April 2006 – Roadkill is an ‘old school’ styled high octane, rock ‘n’ roll band that re-introduces that genre to the world!

Roadkill released their debut album God Bless America in 2007, produced by Brett Collidge at Izaneer Studios in Tasmania. It contained 12 in-your-face anthems including, “Get Outta My Way,” “Lazy,” “God Bless America,” “Living In Hell,” “Day After Day” and “Hollywood” – all proving popular in concert.

The band was then ‘off the road’ for two years from 2008 – 2010 due to two band members being involved in separate, serious car accidents while another member had to leave due to heart problems.

After a couple of personnel changes, the band settled with the current line-up of: Neil Steel – vocals, Zig – guitars, James Basser – guitars, Ted Tedington – bass guitar and Brendan ‘Squid’ Shelverton – drums.

The band’s second album finally surfaced in 2012. Profanity & Innuendo was produced by Michael Shelley (Tyrant/Rogue Sharks) and featured a more ‘hard rock’ flavour and included more anthems: “Sex Drugs Rock N Roll,” “Rude Crude And Tattooed,” “Dirty Girls,” “Backstabbers” and “Every Dog Has It’s Day.”

Now Roadkill are set to release their new 10 track album, Extinct on September 9.

The new album is a major step up for the band. The sonic energy is palpable. The set was produced by Joe Haley (Psycroptic) and the overall sound incorporates classic hard rock songs full of tenacity including the lead video, “Ready For War”, out now…”

Roadkill‘s “What The Hell” video:

ROADKILL (Australia) – What The Hell (Official Music Video)

The second song from the “E X T I N C T” CD produced by “Psycroptic” guitarist Joe Haley.”What The Hell” is a pounding groove, four-on-the-floor, AC/DC inspi…