Löve Razër live at The Rockpile in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Concert Review


Date: December 17, 2016
Venue: The Rockpile
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Reviewer: Olivier

I know. Fine tune their performance? Is something broken? No. It’s simply that Windsor, Ontario, Canada based sleaze rockers Löve Razër seem to get better and better each time that I see them play live and are making little changes here and there that end up making a big difference.

This is probably the first concert that I have ever attended where the headliner was a tribute band but if anything, that speaks to how good that Destroyer are at being able to emulate and present KISS‘ bombastic live show in a club setting. Although I had seen and enjoyed part of a Destroyer show earlier this year in September when they played The Taste Of The Kingsway only a few kilometres away from The Rockpile venue, I clearly was attending on this night to see sleaze rockers Löve Razër play. There’s just that “je ne sais quoi” about Löve Razër that always has me excited to see them perform in a live setting.

I arrived at The Rockpile at perhaps 10:00 pm or so and was greeted by a familiar face and good friend — Decibel Geek‘s editor The Meister — and a new face — Paul who is the proud uncle of Löve Razër bassist and manager Metal Mike and apparently a big Sleaze Roxx fan (I instantly liked Paul!). Löve Razër were initially scheduled and reported to go on at 11:45 pm but apparently the schedule got moved up by about an hour so I was very pleased that I made it early to the venue as I might have missed part of the sleaze rockers’ set had I lingered at home any longer. Unfortunately, I missed the opener Ian K. which is the original group from one of the Destroyer guys and who apparently put on a good performance. Next up was Bad Habit who only played covers as far as I could tell while I was busy chatting to The Meister, Paul and some of the Löve Razër band members. 

Funny enough, I had made my way back towards the back of the venue where Löve Razër had set up their seemingly ever increasing merchandise and where I spoke for awhile to Metal Mike. Eventually, I made my way back to where The Meister was sitting but noticed that he was next to a tall blonde woman. Wow! Clearly, The Meister was doing well on this night. However, upon approaching the pair, I realized that the tall blonde “woman” turned out to be Löve Razër‘s frontman Sydney Snow who was all glammed up and sexy with a lot of make up. I pointed to Snow that I had thought that he was a woman from afar and hope that he took it as a compliment on how great he looked all glammed up. Before long, it was Löve Razër‘s turn to take the stage and it seemed that a sizeable crowd made its way near the stage to see the young upstarts put on what turned out to be an excellent performance.

As it would turn out, this would be the shortest set that I would see from Löve Razër up to this point. Luckily, the sleaze rockers kept their cover songs to a minimum focusing more on their original material. Löve Razër opened their set by playing four unreleased tracks in a row and I was familiar with two of them (“Toast To The Night” and “Partied Out Freak”). All of the band members displayed high energy and you could see a lot of smiles emanating from the faces of singer Sydney Snow and bassist Metal Mike. It’s always tough to see guitarist Mickey Bonez‘s face with all his hair. Given how close we were to Christmas, Snow donned a red and white Christmas tuque which was a nice touch.

Obviously with what turned out to be a short nine song set and since they were one of the opening bands, it was wise for Löve Razër to keep playing rather than engage in long diatribes from the stage. Nevertheless, during the times that Snow, Metal Mike and to a lesser extent Bonez addressed the crowd, they were quite engaging and during one time quite funny. This latter occasion occurred when Metal Mike encouraged the crowd to come and visit Löve Razër‘s merchandise table to support the group. Metal Mike added that the band had been in Montreal the night before and the members ended up having to eat a dead bird or something like that due to their bleak financial situation, which brought quite a few chuckles from the audience. This is the type of things that distinguish the better acts from others — being able to connect and entertain at the same time. Obviously, Löve Razër talking about their merchandise was self-serving to a large extent but it was done with lots of humour and turned out to be one of the highlights in terms of the band’s interaction with the crowd on this night.

Löve Razër playing cover of Skid Row‘s “Monkey Business” live on December 17, 2016:

Love Razer Live @ The Rockpile Toronto, ON December 17th 2016 (Part 1)

Filmed By: Sam Tamberelli

Eventually, Löve Razër threw in their first cover of the night — a spirited version of Skid Row‘s “Monkey Business” — which was interesting to listen to given Snow‘s higher pitched delivery than Skid Row‘s most well known and now former frontman Sebastian Bach. Next up were a pair of songs — “Turn It Up” and “First Class Bitch” —  from the group’s very good debut EP Rock ‘N’ Roll Addiction, which seemingly had most of the crowd on hand singing along. It struck me at that time how even better received Löve Razër‘s shows would be if the crowds were more familiar with the band’s original material. Clearly. many people in the audience had heard Löve Razër‘s Rock ‘N’ Roll Addiction EP. Snow then announced that Löve Razër were going to play a brand new song entitled “Trip To Nowhere” which sounded really good on a first listen. Next up was another spirited cover with the band tackling the Guns N’ Roses classic “Welcome To The Jungle.” With Bonez looking a lot like Slash minus the top hat, it almost felt like Slash was up there on stage playing that Guns N’ Roses‘ classic.

Löve Razër playing “Trip To Nowhere” and cover of Guns N’ Roses‘ “Welcome To The Jungle” live on December 17, 2016:

Love Razer Live @ The Rockpile Toronto, ON December 17th 2016 (Part 2)

Filmed By: Sam Tamberelli

Sadly, although Löve Razër‘s posted setlist on stage clearly indicated that they had two more songs to play — “Venom” and “All Time Sleaze” — The Rockpile‘s house music went on and that was the end for the sleaze rockers. That was definitely a shame and especially since there was quite a bit of time between the end of Löve Razër‘s set and the start of headliner Destroyer‘s set. Funny enough, one of the people standing next to me during Löve Razër‘s entire set turned out to be Armageddon Roxx guitarist Sam Tamberelli. By the way, have you checked out Armageddon Roxx‘s song “Time Bomb Blonde”? It was really nice to finally put a face to a name or essentially, meet Tamberelli in person. Tamberelli advised me that he discovered Löve Razër via a prior concert review from Sleaze Roxx (or was it Decibel Geek? — lets go with Sleaze Roxx) so that was very cool to hear! I ended up listening to a few songs from Destroyer including their strong opening track (and of course KISS cover) “Psycho Circus” before heading out back home for what turned out to be a very busy weekend.

Löve Razër’s setlist:
01. Toast To The Night
02. Lifeline
03. No Limits
04. Partied Out Freak
05. Monkey Business (Skid Row cover)
06. Turn It Up
07. First Class Bitch (w/ drum solo)
08. Trip To Nowhere
09. Welcome To The Jungle (Guns N’ Roses cover)