Dirty Glory Record Acoustic Version Of “Mr. Jack”

Dirty Glory Record Acoustic Version Of “Mr. Jack”

October 26, 2012

Brazilian rockers Dirty Glory have recorded a bluesy unplugged version of their single “Mr. Jack”. The original version of “Mr. Jack” first appeared on the band’s three song EP ‘It’s On!’, which can be downloaded for free at www.dirtyglory.com.

Earlier this year vocalist Jimmi ‘DG’ Ryder told SleazeRoxx.com, “We are introducing our new drummer, Sas. He joined the band right after our EP was released, and we’re working on some tour dates at the moment, as well as writing our full lengh.” Rounding out Dirty Glory are Dee Axx (guitar and backing vocals), Andy Reichhardt (guitar) and Vinni Vice (bass).

A music video for the original version of “Mr. Jack” was released in May and can be viewed at YouTube.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com