D’Molls Drummer Producing ‘Ferocious Drummers’ Film

D’Molls Drummer Producing ‘Ferocious Drummers’ Film

October 26, 2012

Former D’Molls drummer Billy McCarthy (also known as Billy Dior) has been writing and producing a new documentary film entitled ‘Ferocious Drummers’. Currently in production, ‘Ferocious Drummers’ is an unprecedented documentary film into the lives of the most legendary, influential and controversial drummers ever assembled in rock, pop, funk, jazz, metal and alternative music. The film includes cameos by Cheap Trick’s Bun E. Carlos, Anthrax’s Charlie Benante, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith, King Kobra’s Carmine Appice, the Scorpions’ James Kottak, Guns N’ Roses’ Steven Adler and many more.

The documentary’s official website — ferociousdrummers.com — describes the film as follows:

Our ‘Ferocious Drummers’ aren’t based on endless drum licks or the most Ferocious shredding drum solo. Our drummers have a personal story to share on the magic it took on and off their drum set to survive and go on to become a successful drummer. Our drummers play for the song first and in doing so, they have brightened our world and inspired countless others to shape their creative dream.

The beat evolved over 8 million years ago as our only form of communication. Today it’s embedded in our souls, our moods and our everyday movements.

Our film travels from the primitive tapping’s of cavemen to the handing down of the torch from one generational drummer to another. We explore how our featured Ferocious Drummers steered the mood of our culture while supplying a rock solid foundation beneath our favorite music and bands that has shook, rattled and rolled our souls for over 100 years. Who inspired our drummers, and the many journey’s they encountered along the way.

Ferocious Drummers is a long overdue tribute to drummers of past, present and future. The charismatic and prolific insight of the our drummers and drummers in general have remained a mystery for years but will remain a mystery no more. As we continue today to film more legendary drummers and colleagues please help us spread the word on this unprecedented film.After all, it’s been over 8 million years since the drum and we believe the story of the drummer needs to be told.

Billy McCarthy is a former Atlantic Records recording artist, drummer, and bestselling author. While drumming he has recorded under the likes of multi-platinum record producers Kevin Beamish (REO Speedwagon, Kenny Chesney), Eddie Kramer, (Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix) and others. He was managed under the guidance of Gerry Tolman (CSN) and Bill Aucoin (KISS, Billy Idol). He toured under the guidance of Creative Artist Agency (CAA). As a music producer McCarthy primarily produced rock, country, and alternative music, placing several of his artists in various Viacom motion pictures while securing development deals for many of his artists through major and independent record labels. His personal highlight in music was performing for over two hours with Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander and Tom Peterson, playing his favorite songs on drums from his all time favorite band, Cheap Trick. His most passionate creative pursuit ever is the documentary film, Ferocious Drummers and finally telling the story of the drummer. His drumming motto: “keep it solid and simple.”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com