Doro starts kickstarter project for “Love’s Gone To Hell” video

Doro starts kickstarter project for “Love’s Gone To Hell” video

There are many artists these days that have started either pledge or kickstarter campaigns to fund new albums but the queen of metal Doro has started a kickstarter campaign to fund a special video for the track “Love’s Gone To Hell.”

Doro photoDoro released a short promotional video for the campaign where she states in part: “Hey my dear fans, friends and supporters! This is Doro Pesch and we want to do something very very special, something magical and we want you to be part of it. We want to do the most amazing video clip that we’ve ever done.” Doro went on to add, “The title is “Love’s Gone To Hell” and there are beautiful special rewards waiting — special, unique, one of a kind — so I hope you guys will support us and go with us to make this vision come through. Thank you very very much.” Doro goes on to state, “There are beautiful rewards are waiting for you. For example, lifetime concert tickets or my stage clothes or we’ll play living room concerts or if you guys want me to sing “Fur Immer” at your wedding. So many many rewards and prizes from very small to very big so check out more details on and I hope that we will see you very soon.”

Doro‘s last studio album Raise Your Fist dates back to 2012. Sleaze Roxx stated in its review of Raise Your Fist: “There’s little chance anyone reading this is completely unfamiliar with Doro‘s work, so to hardcore fans and fence sitters alike I offer reassurance that not only is this one of Pesch‘s best and most consistent albums in years, but it also never tests one’s patience with self-indulgent experimentation or inessential filler. Every song here was written with the clear intent of adding new classics to the Metal Queen’s back catalog, although which ones make the cut will vary individually depending on whether you’re more into the polished AOR, sentimental ballads and/or metallic rockers. You’ll find Doro‘s voice in peak form regardless.”

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