Former Southgang Singer Unveils Latest Band In New Music Video

Former Southgang Singer Unveils Latest Band In New Music Video

October 31, 2012

Former Southgang vocalist Jesse Harte has posted the first music video from his new band Bloody Red Hearts. The single, “Good News”, appears on the group’s self-titled debut EP.

These worldwide Atlanta, Georgia natives have seen and done a lot. Bloody Red Hearts vocalist Jesse Harte started his career on the hip of Butch Walker as the lead singer for the pop-metal band Southgang. After conquering the thriving Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, the band went on to record two albums for Charisma/Virgin records and tour nationally and internationally. SouthGang’s album releases, although late on the heels of the LA Metal Scene, have been hailed as some of the best of the day.

Bloody Red Hearts guitarist Tommy Redd is the metal master of the insane riffing and soloing that drove home the technical delivery for cult heavy metal band Iron Steel. Members Dave Ellefson (Megadeath), Morgan Rose (Sevendust), notorious rock photographer Fran Strine and Tommy Redd conceived this band as a chance to be the fastest and funniest thrash band that ever laid music to tape. They succeeded with their sound and humor, carrying the project with comical interludes from many famous rock artists, in a tongue and cheek manor, hailing them ‘the greatest heavy metal band of all time!’

In a serious new tone in 2011, a meeting of the minds took place in Atlanta between Jesse Harte, Tommy Redd, and two local noise makers, Jeff Caldwell (bass) and Jeff Hines (pecussion), both known for their chops and solid ‘rhythm section infection’. Jesse quoted, “On the first night we knew it was love at first feel, as the great Bon Scott would say!” Bloody Red Hearts was born. The writing began and emerged as a sound excited by past doctrines and cutting edge experiments to capture a ‘bloody new way’ of looking at this rock metal sound matrix with soulful sensibility.

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