Grease Helmet With Andy McCoy Release “Nobody Rides For Free” Video

Grease Helmet With Andy McCoy Release “Nobody Rides For Free” Video

December 17, 2012

Grease Helmet, featuring former Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy, released their self-titled debut album on September 5th. Hot on the heels of the lead-off single/video “Keep Your Helmet Greasy”, Grease Helmet have now posted a video for the album’s second single “Nobody Rides For Free”.

Grease Helmet was founded by Jere Garcia (vocals) and Niclas Etelavuori (bass) in October of 2009 in Helsinki Finland. 5K Studios was adopted as Helmet Headquarters and would provide the haven where the strategy of standard hard rock ‘n roll was to be conducted. Soon word spread out and Jan Rechberger (drums), Ben Varon (rhythm guitar) and guitar legend Andy McCoy (lead guitar) where recruited to the Grease Helmet army.

Within two years Grease Helmet created their unique sound and dynamic songwriting skills which are displayed on the self-titled debut album ‘Grease Helmet’. The Japanese edition of the album contains two exclusive bonus songs, “Speed King” (Deep Purple) and “The Rocker” (Thin Lizzy).

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