Hellcats Film Video For The Song “Steelrider”

Hellcats Film Video For The Song “Steelrider”

October 27, 2012

The all female rock band Hellcats have filmed a video for the song “Steelrider”, which will serve as an preview of their new album.

The Hellcats were formed by sisters Sasa and Sonja Zagorc, who are the authors of the lyrics and music, while Sasa also manages the band. Due to the small size of Slovenian music space it took them a while to find the right female musicians willing to play and create music in such a genre. Such musicians are far and few in between as the road is hard and very unusual for girls. After a few band member changes, Hellcats gained one of the best female guitar players in Slovenia, Katja Mavec. During the same year they also found a new singer, Ana Sinkovec, who turned out to be the right choice as she immediately felt the vibe with other band members.

After the well-received single “Heavy Metal” the group recorded a song “Vladar Noci”, which was released on an EP. The girls recorded in the Conti Studio with producer Davor Kontic, while mixing and mastering was done by the Laibach producer, Grant Austin. The song “Vladar Noci” was also recorded in English, titled “The Master Of The Night”, as Hellcats are gaining recognition and interest abroad.

A couple of months ago, the all-female group Hellcats were at the turning point of their careers: the quartet was invited to tour Russia and play five concerts there. In one week they played and travelled from Moscow to Tambov City, which is almost 1500 km away from Moscow. As main performers they played the biggest female bands rock festival in Kaluga titled “Zheleznye devy” or “Iron Girls”.

After numerous resounding concerts on big stages they twice performed at Metal Camp, in front of a full auditorium, this year, in Banja Luka, and achieved incredible success as they became the first Slovenian music group that managed to get into the finals of their biggest music festival Jelen Demofest, based on the grades given by the jury presided by Vladko Stefanovski. They were chosen among more than 400 groups! On the competition they achieved 4th place and thus became the highest placed foreign band on the festival.

More information on the Hellcats can be found at www.hellcats.eu and www.facebook.com/hellcats.si.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com