Kissin’ Dynamite Debut “Six Feet Under” Music Video

Kissin’ Dynamite Debut “Six Feet Under” Music Video

October 9, 2012

German hard rockers Kissin’ Dynamite have posted a video for the single “Six Feet Under”. The track appears on the band’s latest album ‘Money, Sex & Power’, which said was “boasting a brash-yet-familiar blend of stadium rock combining a sleaze edge with pop hooks and sing-along choruses”, released on March 23rd through AFM Records.

In July 2008, Kissin’ Dynamite’s ‘Steel Of Swabia’ was released; a debut album of teenagers with their singer just 16 years old! What puzzled everyone though was how much this “teen band” rocked — just as good as the greats like Motley Crue, Whitesnake, AC/DC, and Guns N’ Roses. No wonder this first-class debut album was released on the major label EMI, as the quality of this young group was only too obvious. So enjoyable was that album that the prominence of metal was thrilled, so much in fact that legendary Udo Dirkschneider (ex-Accept/U.D.O.) contributed vocals to the title track of the second Kissin’ Dynamite album ‘Addicted To Metal’ in 2010. That album then again received great reviews and helped to establish and refine the thunderous Kissin’ Dynamite sound.

With ‘Money, Sex & Power’ Kissin’ Dynamite come up with the third chapter in their history — and they deliver the biggest blow yet. Never were they hungrier, more determined or better. Authentic, raw, melodic and powerful — Kissin’ Dynamite live their music and are more than willing to unleash its irrepressible power!

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