L.U.S.T. Streaming Entire Debut Album Online

L.U.S.T. Streaming Entire Debut Album Online

August 23, 2011

Australian hard rockers L.U.S.T. have decided to stream their debut album ‘First Tattoo’ online in it’s entirety at www.reverbnation.com/lustband.

Released in January of 2001, Sleaze Roxx said ‘First Tattoo’ had “a great ‘screw you’ attitude, lots of energy and a handful of killer songs to back everything up.” ‘First Tattoo’, which was mixed by Ulrich Wild (Pantera, Buckcherry, White Zombie, Dethklok) in Los Angeles, is available for purchase directly through the band at www.thebandlust.com

Spewing forth from the gutters of Sydney comes L.U.S.T. with their in your face, take no prisoners brand of underground rock and roll. Musically drawing inspiration from rock bands such as AC/DC, Motorhead, Motley Crue and Guns N’ Roses, with an attitude fueled by punk rock bands like the Sex Pistols, Ramones and Dead Boys. L.U.S.T. rock heavy, loud and hard.

L.U.S.T. have toured Australia many times over playing to sold out venues such as the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, the Palace Theatre in Melbourne, HQ in Adelaide, the Tivoli in Brisbane and Metropolis in Fremantle with the likes of Ace Frehley (KISS), The Screaming Jets & Nashville Pussy.

Meeting on the streets of Sydney as teenagers in 2004 L.U.S.T. are a gang fronted by the eternal man of mystery with pipes from hell Mikey Rollins, motorcycle riding ladies man Ronnie Simmons on guitar, aggressive tattooed party animal Sindy on drums and obnoxious punk rocker Chris Garey on Bass. They have been thrown out of nearly every bar in the country, trashed every hotel they have stayed in and leave a trail of broken glass and hearts where ever they go.

They have worked hard to earn themselves a fierce and dedicated legion of fans. L.U.S.T. are an unsigned diamond in the rough who aren’t sitting around waiting to be discovered.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com