My Dynamite Set To Release Self-Titled Debut In June

My Dynamite Set To Release Self-Titled Debut In June

April 15, 2012

My Dynamite Set To Release Self-Titled Debut In JunePhysical copies of My Dynamite’s self-titled debut album will be available on June 19th through Listenable Records. Originally released in March as a digital download, CD copies of the Australian quintet’s debut can now be pre-ordered at

My Dynamite bring a range of influences including blues, soul and classic 100% rock ‘n’ roll to the band, making for a unique and potent brew that is all their own. Taking cues from the sounds of the Humble Pie, The Faces, and The Black Crowes, with a healthy dose of Led Zepplin-esque rock riffs and Rolling Stones attitude thrown in for good measure.

My Dynamite — consisting of Patrick Carmody (vocals), Jorge Balas (guitar), Travis Fraser (bass), Simon Aarons (drums) and Benny Wolf (guitar) — is akin to a monolithic orb of white light and electric energy. A congregation of highly tuned frequencies that weave and dance across your inner mind — a living temple of radiant power. A vehicle for the Shining Ones to manifest into your astral plane, to uplift and rid you of burden and sorrow, and ultimately make you wanna shake your ass!

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