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May 4, 2005


The unusual name of the band refers to an apparently particularly love-hungry lady named Molly Hatchet, who lived in the 17th century and had her lovers decapitated after enjoying their favours.

In 1978 the band signed their first recording deal and sold almost a million copies of their self-titled debut release. Molly Hatchet went on tour with Aerosmith and Bob Seeger that same year, and their second album release Flirtin’ With Disaster (1979) followed twelve months later. Their third album Beatin’ The Odds (9181) was a commercial success, selling over two million copies and entering the Billboard charts at no. 25. The group’s unmistakable trade mark is the warrior who appears on their album sleeves and was designed by the American fantasy artist, Frank Frazetta.

Their fourth offering, Take No Prisoners (1981), made it directly into the Billboard charts. Two years later, Molly Hatchet presented their exceptional No Guts … No Glory (including the anthem ‘Fall Of The Peacemakers’). Their 1984 The Deed Is Done was the first release to meet with mixed reactions. While some attested the album with Hatchet’s typical blues rock and boogie feel, others criticized its all-too-polished sound. However, Molly Hatchet managed to reunite their fan base again with their live cut Double Trouble Live (1985), recorded in Dallas and Jacksonville.

Their eighth album, Lightning Strikes Twice, saw the light of day four years later, followed by an almost seven year sabbatical, which came to an end with Devil’s Canyon in 1996. “After all those years, it was still a great feeling to pick up a guitar, connect it to an amp and start playingâ€, Ingram rejoiced at the successful comeback. “Devil’s Canyon put us back on the rock music map.†Two years and countless gigs later, Molly Hatchet presented their eleventh album Silent Reign of Heroes, followed by an 18-month world tour and the lively Kingdom Of XII. “Silent Reign of Heroes was not really a sinister album, but it did deal with the dark side of the band. Kingdom Of XII was pure fun. It’s an album for beer drinkers, for people who enjoy hoisting the rebel flag again,†Ingram compares the two studio recordings.

A few weeks after the release, Molly Hatchet were back on stage in Germany to complete the recordings for their live release, Locked And Loaded in 2003. Now Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge rings in the second phase of Molly Hatchet’s career, after all, as Ingram puts it: “We’ve been around for over 25 years. Who knows, maybe we’ve only just reached middle of our creative development.â€

01 – Son of the south
02 – Moonlight dancing on a bayou
03 – I’m ready for you
04 – Roadhouse Boogie
05 – Time keeps slipping away
06 – Get in the game
07 – Flames are burning
08 – Hell has no fury
09 – Gone in sixty seconds
10 – Behind the bedroom door
11 – No stranger in the darkness
12 – Rainbow bridge

The Song “Son Of The South” is available here as Real-Audio Stream: Son Of The South

Line-Up:Bobby Ingram: Lead And Acoustic Guitars, Bg Vocals
Phil McCormack: Lead Vocals And Harmonica
Dave Hlubek: Lead Guitars And Bg Vocals
John Galvin: Keyboards / Piano And Digital Programming
Rich Del Falvo Piano / Keyboards
Tim Lindsey: Bass Guitar And Bg Vocals
Shawn Beamer: Drums And Percussion
Backing Vocals : Amalia

2005 Tour Dates:
May 21, 2005 Quapaw Casino Miami, Oklahoma
May 25, 2005 Stingers Concert Club Boonsboro, Maryland
May 27, 2005 Freedom Weekend Aloft Anderson, South Carolina
June 11, 2005 Springdale Featherfest Springdale, Arkansas
June 17, 2005 Rockonia Motorcycle Rally Laconia, New Hampshire
June 18, 2005 Awesome Biker Nights Sioux City, Iowa
June 25, 2005 Wild Roseridge Amphitheater Bottineau, North Dakota
July 6, 2005 House Of Rock Wihite Marsh, Maryland
July 7, 2005 Double D’s Morristown, New Jersey
July 8, 2005 House Of Rock White Marsh, Maryland
July 13, 2005 Sandwich, Illinois Church Street Station
July 14, 2005 North Central State Mansfield, Ohio
July 15, 2005 Summer Celebration Festival Vernon Hills, Illinois
July 16, 2005 Little Sturgus For Charity Sturgis, Kentucky
July 17, 2005 Robinson Center Robinson, Illionis
July 18, 2005 Will Rogers Amphitheater Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
August 5, 2005 The Canyon Theater Agoura Hills, California
August 15, 2005 San Felipe’s Casino San Felipe, New Mexico
August 19, 2005 Owatonna County Fair Owatonna, Minnesota
September 15, 2005 San Felepe’s Casino San Felipe, New Mexico
September 16, 2005 Washington County Fair Abingdon, Vigrinia
September 17, 2005 Delmarva Bike Week Beriln, Maryland
October 8, 2005 Oktoberfest Festival Lacrosse, Wisconsin
November 12, 2005 Florida Sports Park Naples, Florida

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