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May 12, 2005

While preparing to headline the Rock Never Stops tour, Cinderella vocalist Tom Keifer talked with The Hairball John Radio Show regarding the upcoming tour with Quiet Riot, Ratt, and Firehouse as well as Cinderella’s recent CD/DVD greatest hits package ‘Rocked, Wired and Bluesed’. Keifer also talked extensively about his upcoming solo release.

Tom Keifer: “I’m in the process of finishing a solo record that I have been working on over the past couple years. I am mixing right at the moment and it should be finished before we leave to go out on the Rock Never Stops tour. While I am on tour my manager will be out shopping for a label or a home for my record. Hopefully it will be out before the end of the year.

Hairball John: “How will your solo record differ from Cinderella records of the past?”

Tom Keifer: “Well, since I am the main writer, vocalist, and play guitar for Cinderella it sounds a lot like Cinderella. My writing style is my writing style: it’s blues-influenced hard rock and that’s pretty much what this record is. It’s a pretty hard-drivin’ rock record but it also has some dynamics to it as did the Cinderella records where there are ballads and there’s some acoustic stuff. It’s kind of somewhere between ‘Long Cold Winter’ and ‘Heartbreak Station’ if I had to compare it to one of our earlier records.”

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