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May 15, 2005

New Foreigner vocalist Kelly Hansen recently spoke with The Hairball John Radio Show regarding his participation in the Heaven and Earth project featuring Stuart Smith. Hansen also reflected on some of his favorite memories and songs as vocalist for Hurricane as well as what it was like when it all came to an end in 1991.

Kelly Hansen: “We came off the road from ‘Over The Edge’, which was a great tour and we had some real good MTV video play. We were on the radio and everything was going really great. So we came back off the road and we had to start working on ‘Slave To The Thrill’. We spent almost a year writing, pre-producing, and getting ready for the record and in the middle of that having to change guitarists. So we finally got into the studio to make ‘Slave To The Thrill’ and the record label was telling us, ‘You guys are poised, this record is going to be your big record because Over The Edge was so good with I’m Onto You’. When we finished the record we started doing press and went out on the road. I think the record was released for about a month when I happened to call a friend of mine in publicity at the record label and she said ‘they just fired two-thirds of the staff today’. And what that meant was that there was no more label. They weren’t going to be making any more records, which meant we could not be out on the road because the reason to be out on the road is to promote a record. It was very disappointing.

We had to end the tour and come home to a label that was basically bankrupt; this was at the same time when Nirvana was hitting really big in 1991 and Grunge was really big. It was very difficult for us to carry on, just as it was for a lot of the metal bands of the time.”

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