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May 18, 2005

He’s not Darth Maul.

He’s not Paul Stanley.

But he is the Phantom Menace of the Park and he embodies the worst of both worlds.

Maul Stanley is the unlikely new anti-hero who combines the spirit of the Starchild with the essence of the Sith, spiked with a dash of dark humor. Drawing inspiration from both the Star Wars movies and the rock band Kiss, the so-called Sithchild is a seasoned improvisational entertainer whose knowledge of both is second to none. As excitement builds toward the impending release of the sixth and final Star Wars movie “Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,” Maul Stanley has at last revealed himself by launching his very own website,

In his debut online adventure, Maul Stanley inflicts his rock & roll irreverence upon the world’s biggest Star Wars convention! Encountering all manner of otherworldly oddities, from Stormtroopers to Droids to Wookiees, the mysterious malevolence that is Maul Stanley mixes the dark side of rock & roll with the Dark Side of the Force. No one is safe as he hurls his hard rock humor upon an unsuspecting population, belting out such song parodies as “Maul Hell’s Breakin’ Loose,” “Tossin’ & Turnin’ to the Dark Side” and “Jedi Love It Loud.”

Recently Maul Stanley received a bit of exposure on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and in the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog DVD. He also appeared in the VH1 special “When STAR WARS Ruled the World.” Future plans include a series of interviews with hard rock heroes as well as hosting an upcoming Star Wars documentary. Maul Stanley is about to descend upon the realms of both sci-fi and rock & roll in a big way, heralded by the ominous whisper…

“You’ve got Maul.”

Further information about Maul Stanley can be found at his website, which launched this past Friday the 13th.

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