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May 23, 2005

North American fans have been wondering if their “ROCK OF AGES” hits collection would be accompanied by a DVD collection — just like in the rest of the world, when “BEST OF DEF LEPPARD” was released simultanously on CD and DVD last year. We can now confirm that a DVD will be released in North America before the end of the year, featuring all of the band’s promo videos, plus a number of extras. Title and exact release date to be determined.

Yet another update on the covers album! At this moment, “YEAH!” has been scheduled to be released worldwide on SEPTEMBER 20. Yes, that’s less than four months from now!

By now, most of you know that the next Def Leppard album will be a collection of cover tunes from (mostly) 70s hits, and some of you may have read in various interviews that the album is scheduled for release in the fall of this year. While the final tracklisting is still the subject of debate, we are happy to tell you that the band has given us the green light to announce the title of the album. It’s short n’ sweet, quite to-the-point and “in your face” and it reflects the very essence of rock n’ roll. Def Leppard’s new album will simply be called….. YEAH!

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