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May 30, 2005

Ex Guns N Roses drummer, Steven Adler recently called into The Hairball John Radio Show to talk about a new Adler’s Appetite vocalist and their recent EP. Adler also shared some great memories regarding Guns N Roses’ glory days as well as his very personal view regarding the yet to be released “Chinese Democracy”.

Hairball John: “Steven, when you take a look back at the Guns n Roses days, what types of memories do you pull from that time period?”

Steven Adler :”Having my dream come true and having my dream crushed all at the same time. You’ve got to remember that was like when we were eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two years old and teenagers that age want to get laid and they want to party. And we did some good partying and some good laying.”

Hairball John: “Steven, in your opinion, do you think we will ever see ‘Chinese Democracy”, Axl Rose’s new version of Guns ‘n Roses, hit the streets?”

Steven Adler: “If you do, God bless Axl. That’s all I can say, is God bless him . I think he should get his head out of his ass, and I think we should put the band back together because that’s what the fans want. I know Izzy and Slash and Duff would totally do it. It’s just a matter of Axl. You know I hope he puts this record out and it does what he wants it to do and I hope he lives happily ever after, the Jackass! No, I’m kidding.”

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