Outlaws & Moonshine release video for “Hey Y’All”

Outlaws & Moonshine release video for “Hey Y’All”

Indiana rockers, Outlaws & Moonshine, have released a second video in support of their upcoming album, 1919, which will be released on October 16, 2015. After releasing a video for the track “Whiskey,” the “new Southern” rockers have a video for the song “Hey Y’All.”

Outlaws photoSleaze Roxx recently stated in its review of 1919: “My favorite tracks on 1919 have fluctuated the more I listen to the album and just about every track at one point or another has been my favorite. This is really a testament that there are no weak tracks on 1919. Funny enough, as I am writing this review, I am still debating which songs I like best. But if I got to pick one track over the others, I’ll go with “Hey Y’All” which displays some real outlaw cowboy attitude during the verses yet is contrasted with a lighter easy sing along chorus. As what seems to be the norm these days with bands’ debut albums, there are simply no filler tracks on Outlaws & Moonshine but it is also on the short side with only five tracks.”

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