Ozmium*76 release video for new track “One More Round”

Ozmium*76 release video for new track “One More Round”

ozmium76-photoAllentown, Pennsylvania, USA rockers Ozmium*76 have released a video for their new song “One More Round” from their forthcoming album Louder Than The Lie, which is scheduled for release sometime in 2016.

Ozmium*76‘s Bio on their Facebook page states in part: 

“Formed in 2003, Ozmium*76 is an all original hard rock band. We could tell you our history, but it would bore you to death. Our brand of rock n’ roll is high energy, fun-time, feelgood, party (or whatever else…) music. If you dig lyrics with style and swagger, sleazy guitars, a rumbling bass (that has been known to make clothes fall off), and drums that make you want to dance on tables, then we are your ticket to a good time!

Since our inception, we’ve released 4 full length albums and shared the stage with our heroes such as Sebastian Bach, Warrant, Duff McKagan, and Faster Pussycat! Ozmium*76 is currently recording our 5th album, titled “Louder Than The Lie“, and is due out in 2016. It’s a concept record unlike anything you’ve heard before…”

Ozmium*76‘s “One More Round” video:

Ozmium*76 – One More Round [Official Music Video]

From the 2016 album “Louder Than the Lie”, we bring you the official video for One More Round by sleazy rockers Ozmium*76! Lyrics by: Ozmium*76 Music by: Ricky Houck Album COMING SOON! Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/OZMIUM76/173335698850

Ozmium*76‘s “Drunk Text” video:

Ozmium*76 – Drunk Text [Official Music Video]

The official video for “Drunk Text” by sleazy rockers Ozmium*76! Drunk Text – 2015 Lyrics by: Ozmium*76 Music by: Ricky Houck Album COMING SOON! Ozmium*76 is: Ricky Houck – Lead Vocals/Guitars Ian Shipman – Bass Guitar/Backup Vox Dustin Pastula – Drums/Backup Vox Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/OZMIUM76/173335698850

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