Ozzy Osbourne will not be retiring and will have a TV show with son Jack

Ozzy Osbourne will not be retiring and will have a TV show with son Jack

As Black Sabbath continue their aptly named ‘The End‘ farewell tour, their frontman Ozzy Osbourne has no intention of retiring and will return to his very successful solo career once the iconic and legendary heavy metal band calls it a day.

Ozzy photo 3The following are excerpts from a recent interview / article by Billboard with Osbourne:

Osbourne is starting to hash out his post-Sabbath life with his estranged wife but continuing manager Sharon Osbourne. “It’s not me that wants to retire; it’s Black Sabbath. I’ll be continuing my own musical thing,” he says. “My wife is good at telling me partial information, y’know, but I know I’m not hanging ’em up for awhile. Being Ozzy Osbourne solo again is not a job. It’s a passion. It’s a love. It’s the biggest, greatest love affair of my life.” Before Sabbath ends, however, Osbourne will also be returning to TV, this time on the History Channel with son Jack Osbourne for Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour, a travel show that premieres on July 27 and visits sites around the U.K., including the Alamo, Mount Rushmore, Stonehenge, Sun Studios in Memphis and more…

“It’s kind of like a father-son deal,” Ozzy says. “He comes to us and he goes ‘Dad…’ and I go, ‘Don’t say anything. ‘Yes,’ the answer is. I’ll do anything. I adore him. When I’m on some downtime and he asks me something, I’m ‘Sure, Jack, no problem — and then it lands right smack bang in the middle of when I’m doing a tour!”

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