Photo Galleries: KISS live in Richmond, Virginia, USA on Sept. 9, 2016

Photo by Christopher Carroll Photography

Photo Galleries: KISS live in Richmond, Virginia, USA on Sept. 9, 2016

Photographer Christopher Carroll attended KISS‘ tour stop at the RVA Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia, USA on September 9, 2016. You can view some of his photos below and click on any photo to view an enlarged version of it.

Carroll also provided a concert review for Sleaze Roxx in which he stated in part: “Gene [Simmons] knows the rock star game. He and Paul [Stanley] know cameras are on them and they put on a show. They stop to pose, they play and pose, they sing and pose and between their poses, they pose. These guys are there for us. They really do a lot to put on a great show for their fans. Paul made an announcement between songs, that “There are no people under the stage playing instruments at THEIR concert. There is nobody standing off the side of the stage singing, there are absolutely no recorded tracks and there is no lip synching!” Gene sounded great. Paul got a little raspy a couple of times but this man sings across a pretty wide vocal range and he’s still singing the songs that were written for his voice over 40 years ago! It irritates me to hear people whine and say, “Listen closely, Paul can’t sing exactly like he used to 30 years ago.” The man is 64 years old! I’m surprised he can sing at all much less do it while dancing around in platform heels and with abs! Can you picture your grandfather getting up onstage and doing the job that well? That aside, Paul sounds great. As men get older, their voices deepen so they do lose a few notes off the top which makes singing the same songs a struggle. KISS have some high vocals and I’m shocked Paul can still pull them off. I find him impressive. And he certainly doesn’t take the easy route. They played 19 songs!”

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