Photo Galleries: Steel Panther live in Norfolk, Virginia, USA on July 29, 2016

Photo Galleries: Steel Panther live in Norfolk, Virginia, USA on July 29, 2016

Photographer Christopher Carroll caught Steel Panther live in Norfolk, Virginia, USA on July 29, 2016 and you can view many of his photos below. You can click on any of the photos below to enlarge them.

Carroll had also earlier provided a Sleaze Roxx concert review of Steel Panther‘s show in Norfolk where he stated in part:

“I traveled down to the Virginia Beach area for the opening show of the current Steel Panther tour (isn’t that where everyone kicks off a tour?). I’ve seen Steel Panther more times than I can count but this is the first time I had my doubts about the show. Had I seen them too many times? How could they top the previous shows? I’ve heard all these songs before… Would they still be able to entertain a season concert goer like myself? Once these guys hit the stage, it was on! They delivered ‘everything I wanted and more’! The guitar sound was present and perfect. The bass continually poked you in the chest. As pretty as Lexxi Foxx is, that man has chops! The drums were crystal clear as well and the snare sound was simply thunderous! Stix Zadinia drives the songs and slips in the fills in with ease. Michael Starr grabbed our hands and led us all through the adventure that is Steel Panther, peppered with David Lee Roth squeels that DLR wishes he could still pull off. The interludes were as entertaining as ever.”

Carroll ended his Sleaze Roxx concert review with the following comments: “I loved these guys when their first album, Feel The Steel, came out. I didn’t believe for a second they could top it but they did with their second, Balls Out, and I was floored when they were able to top that one with their third, All You Can Eat! These guys are creative and you can tell they put time into their songwriting. They song structures aren’t as simple as they sound and with Michael Starr‘s PhD in English Literature, the lyrics, although funny, twist and turn with melodies that wrap the music incredibly well. If you’ve never seen Steel Panther, you MUST! It truly is ‘the party of the century!’”

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