Photo Galleries: The Dead Daisies live in Richmond, Virginia, USA on Sept. 9, 2016

Photo Galleries: The Dead Daisies live in Richmond, Virginia, USA on Sept. 9, 2016

Photographer Christopher Carroll caught The Dead Daisies opening for KISS at the RVA Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia, USA on September 9, 2016 and you can view some of his photographs below. You can click on any of the photos below to enlarge them.

Carroll also previously provided Sleaze Roxx with a concert review of The Dead Daisies and KISS‘ tour stop in Richmond, Virginia, USA and stated in part with respect to The Dead Daisies‘ performance:

“We went down and I was very excited to be iooking up at these guys while they played songs off their most recent album and the one before that (and some cover songs). Brian Tichy is an impressive drummer. Last time I saw him was in January when he played the Randy Rhoads Remembered show in LA and he killed it! Not only did he organize it and play drums through most of it (Ray Luzier of Korn sat in for a couple of songs), he even came out and played a black polka dotted Flying V. He not only played the song, he played Randy’s solo! He’s a huge Randy Rhoads fan. Doug Aldrich walks around on stage with incredible confidence — I guess if I had that six pack I wouldn’t button my shirt either — and plays so well that it’s interesting to watch him strike pose after pose playing all the while! He’s a great addition to the band.

[John] Corabi sounded amazing as always. This man just has a charm in his vocals that makes you want to hang out and listen to him all night. Speaking of that, I have been fortunate enough to run in to him several times and this may possibly be the most fun man in the world! I’ve talked music with him, watched as he cracked us up with his good hearted humor and I’ve even done shots of tequila with him — AFTER the show, he declined any drinking before his show but was ready for some chilled Patron immediately after it! The guy is a riot and if you ever get the chance to be around him, please do. Marco [Mendoza] held it down well. He’s a seasoned vet and it shows. David [Lowy] sounded great as well and even struck a few poses himself! They have some really good songs.”

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