Eldorado – En Busca De Eldorado

Eldorado - En Busca De Eldorado
Released 2008 (Eldorado)

Track List:
01. Abril
02. El Final
03. Un Mal Presentimiento
04. Dejame Decirte
05. En Busca De Eldorado
06. El Jugador
07. Mistreated
08. Identidad

Nano – guitar and keyboards
Cesar Sanchez – bass
Alex Rada – drums

Additional Musicians:
Ignacio Vicente Torrecillas – vocals and keyboards
Jaume Pla – guitar (3,7 & 8)
Richard Chycki – tambourine (2 & 4)

Produced by Richard Chycki.

If English lyrics are a necessity for you then you may as well avoid Spain’s Eldorado. Everything but one song is sung in Spanish, so I have no clue what the band are singing about. But that has never bothered me as sometimes I can’t even understand what singers are going on about even when they claim to be using English!

  This band manages to sound modern and retro at the same time, not unlike Sonic X who have also been featured on this website. Eldorado play heavy melodic rock with a slight hint of blues, and they play it very well as shown by the guitar solos that are smeared all over this disc. With production handled by Richard Chycki of Aerosmith and Mick Jagger fame the sound is top-notch giving the disc an updated Whitesnake and Hardline feel.

  Stand out tracks include “Abril”, “Un Mal Presentimiento”, “El Jugador” and “Identidad”, while the slower “Dejame Decirte” sounds like it was taken directly off a Jack Russell solo release. There is a lot to like about Eldorado and I have to wonder if they will attempt to play their next release in English to reach a larger fan-base. It wouldn’t be out of the question as the band covers Deep Purple‘s “Mistreated” and do an excellent job with it, completely nailing the song while staying true to the original.

  In my opinion everyone should overlook the language issue and check out Eldorado. The guitar shredding is worth the price of admission alone and the band as a whole sound like seasoned professionals. Ignacio Vicente Torrecillas, who did the vocal work on this album, was only a studio fill-in and the band now have a new singer in Jesus Trujillo, so it will be interesting to hear what these Spaniards come up with next.

  www.enbuscadeeldorado.com – www.myspace.com/enbuscadeeldorado – www.cdbaby.com (to purchase)

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, September 2008.

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