Foxy Roxx – Shake The Foundation

Shake The Foundation
Released 1995 (Glam Slam)

Track List:
01. Do You Really Like It
02. Rock N’ Roll
03. Outrageous
04. Time Stands Still
05. Drink All Nite
06. Saturday Night
07. Don’t Cry It All Away
08. Leave Me Alone
09. Here I Go
10. Younger Generation
11. Everything’s Alright
12. Forever More (1993 Demo)
13. Time To Go (1993 Demo)

Tony Starlin – vocals
Jerry Vayne – guitar
T.J. Jovan – bass
Robby Tripp – drums

Additional Musicians:
Dennis Sinned – vocals (12 & 13)

Produced by T. Gariano and D. Fredenberg.

First of all I want to say that Foxy Roxx jams! The sound is mix of Poison, Pretty Boy Floyd and Tigertailz. Songs like “Rock N’ Roll”, “Outrageous” and “Younger Generation” really rock, and also included is a nice ballad called “Time Stands Still”.

  Also of note is that the last two songs, “Forever More” and “Time To Go”, are demos from 1993. They featured original singer Dennis Mark Fredenberg (AKA Dennis Sinned), who tragically passed away on May 2,1994 at nineteen years old due to cancer. It’s a shame he died so young, and these two songs are a nice tribute to him. I give Shake The Foundation two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, April 2003.

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