Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction

Appetite For Destruction

Appetite For Destruction Uncensored
Released on July 21, 1987 (Geffen)
Billboard Chart Position #1

Track List:
01. Welcome To The Jungle
02. It’s So Easy
03. Nightrain
04. Out Ta Get Me
05. Mr. Brownstone
06. Paradise City
07. My Michelle
08. Think About You
09. Sweet Child O’Mine
10. You’re Crazy
11. Anything Goes
12. Rocket Queen

Band Members:
W. Axl Rose – vocals, synthesizer and percussion
Slash – guitar
Izzy Stradlin’ – guitar, percussion and background vocals
Duff McKagan – bass and background vocals
Steven Adler – drums

Produced by Mike Clink.

Appetite For Destruction is an album that gives meaning to the old cliche; sex, drugs, & rock n’ roll. The album is dripping with sass and angst, and grabs you by the balls and never lets go, starting with Slash‘s opening riff on “Welcome To The Jungle”. The track features Axl‘s signature screech and explains the L.A. lifestyle perfectly, “If you got the money we got your disease”. It’s almost a perfect song; it’s raw and covered in sleaze.

“It’s So Easy” is pure bass driven and kicks in heads everywhere. It features more of Axl‘s magnificent nasal whine and displays great riffs by both Izzy and Slash. It also features one of my favorite lines from any song, “I see you standing there / You think you’re so cool / Why don’t you just FUCK OFF!” – simple, beautiful.

“Nightrain” is about drugs and the west coast lifestyle and is one of my favorite tracks on the disc. The drumming on the track flows along nicely and is very melodic. Slash and Izzy‘s guitar work is used nicely on this track and the hooks are great.

“Out To Get Me” is raw and purely guitar driven, definitely a song based around defying authority. Axl‘s vocals are full of rage and angst because he’s got something he’s “been building up inside for so fucking long!”

“Mr. Brownstone” is obviously about drugs. The song has a nice swagger to it. It is a track that truly displays the talents of the rhythm section of G n’R. “Paradise City” is like another perfect song. From the light opening riff it flows along nicely, then like a punch in the face, the sound of Axl‘s whistle goes off and from there its all bad dude (but in a good way). It also features a beautiful flowing chorus and an excellent guitar solo delivered by Slash.

“My Michelle” is just filthy. It has sleaze dripping from it everywhere. It has an almost eerie intro then it kicks in and is probably one of the heaviest tracks on the album. “Think About You” is like a sped up love song. Axl‘s voice is kind of the key in this song as it overlaps the instruments in the track. Steven‘s drumming flows along nicely and Izzy‘s guitar is definitely the more noticeable as he turns in some pretty killer riffs.

Ahhh who could forget “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. It is probably the biggest hit off the album and is simply beautiful. Some say it is overplayed, but it’s just a great song, radio stations have no choice but to play it all the time. The main riff is definitely a memorable one as almost everybody recognizes the song as soon as it comes on. It has an amazing solo, probably one of Slash‘s best from any song. Oh yeah, I forgot Axl‘s voice also sounds excellent as he churns out the chorus nicely.

“You’re Crazy” and “Anything Goes” are both about sex and rock out nicely. Nothing really stands out from either of the tracks but they’re still great and not to be overlooked. They are especially not to be seen as the weak points of the album either. “Rocket Queen” closes the disc nicely. It starts out with Steven‘s drumming and is filled with sass and sexual innuendos. It definitely features some of Axl‘s best vocals on the disc and who could forget about the woman moaning at 2:35 until about 3:05, then the awesome mood change at 3:30. Slash pulls out some nice riffs and hooks through the track and the song just pulses nicely.

This is a record that should be in any sleaze rock fans collection, if its not can you really consider yourself a sleaze fan? The first six songs alone are some of the best music ever heard in the rock industry & there haven’t really been too many albums that are better than it in my opinion. So, if for some odd reason you don’t own this, then get your ass up & go buy it because you are seriously missing out.

Reviewed by Tyler for Sleaze Roxx, December 2006.

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