Helix – Get Up!

Helix - Get Up!
Released 2006 (Dirty Dog Records)

Track List:
01. Get Up!
02. Boomerang Lover
03. Cyberspace Girl
04. Baby Likes To Ride
05. The Past Is Back (To Kick Your Ass)
06. Heavy Metal Love 2006
07. Do You Believe In Rock And Roll?

Brian Vollmer – vocals
Steve Georgakopoulos – guitar and background vocals
Jeff Fountain – bass and background vocals
Rob MacEachern – drums

Additional Musicians:
Barry Donaghy – background vocals
Gord Prior – background vocals
Doug Weir – background vocals
Dan Brodbeck – background vocals

It’s been over twenty years since Helix released No Rest For The Wicked and Walkin’ The Razors Edge, two flawless rock records. But in the last few years new Helix albums haven’t exactly inspired – Brian Vollmer and company still delivered in a live setting, but in the studio it seemed as if they were sputtering close to empty. So when Brian Vollmer proclaimed that Get Up! was a return to the No Rest For The Wicked era I was understandably skeptical. But this is better, this is Helix on the right track.

  Every song here rocks and should fit Helix‘s energetic live show like a glove. The opening track and its chorus of “you don’t need a reason to party, so get up, you don’t need a reason to rock n roll, so get up” pretty much sums up the feeling of the entire album. It is a rock CD with a party atmosphere with Brian Vollmer playing the court jester. “Baby Likes To Ride” is a nice play on words with a great groove while “The Past Is Back” reminds me of one of their old staples “Dirty Dog”. The disc ends with “Do You Believe In Rock And Roll?”, and hopefully people still do, because Helix remembers what it is all about.

  The band also re-recorded “Heavy Metal Love”, note for note, to get around some record company bullshit.

  I know what people are going to say about Get Up! – that it is too short, and they have a point. But then I started thinking that some of my favorite 70s albums only clocked in at 30 minutes and contained ZERO filler. There isn’t really any filler here either, although it doesn’t quit reach the greatness of No Rest For The Wicked. But it is refreshing to see Helix return doing what they do best…rocking me and you!

  www.www.planethelix.com (for purchase info and samples)

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, December 2006.

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