Lady Beast: ‘Lady Beast II’

Lady Beast II cover 2LADY BEAST
Released on March 28, 2015 (Cobra Cabana Records) and on June 21, 2015 (Inferno Records)

Lady Beast may be singing about “Heavy Metal Destiny” on their sophomore record Lady Beast II but it is really classic heavy metal bliss for anyone that gets a chance to listen to it. Following in the tradition of the self-titled debut record, Lady Beast II is a throwback to the days of the New World of British Heavy Metal in the vein of Iron Maiden‘s early work but with a phenomenal female lead vocalist by the name of Deborah Levine and at times Ronnie James Dio type lyrics.

I have actually been listening to Lady Beast II for a good three and a half months prior to writing this review so I am very familiar now with the new record. Lady Beast have come up with a more mature and consistent effort on their sophomore record in that there is a much better flow and same type of feel across all the songs on this album compared to their self-titled debut record. Some of the old school classic metal guitar riffs and melodies on Lady Beast II may just well bring you to a crescendo type climax because they are so damn good. The guitar riff just before Levine starts singing the words “Stand Tall” during the song “Caged Fury” is a thing of beauty. The dual guitar melodies at the start of “Heroes Of Our Time” take me back in a great way to Iron Maiden‘s self-titled debut record while the guitar melodies in the middle of “Lose To Win” bring me back to Iron Maiden‘s Powerslave era. The crescendo is at its peak with “Heavy Metal Destiny” which starts off with an Iron Maiden “Ides Of March” type intro before launching into an infectious mix of guitar melodies prior to Levine even singing a word. I hate to mention Iron Maiden so many times but the music on Lady Beast II could literally be played by Dave Murray, Steve Harris and company if I did not know any better.

Although I really like Lady Beast II, I actually prefer the Pittsburgh based group’s debut record a little bit more because I find it more explosive and dynamic with better overall choruses. Lady Beast II feels more like classic heavy metal with Levine singing more and screaming less. That being said, all of the tracks on Lady Beast II are good ones. My favorite track hands down is “Heavy Metal Destiny” which never lets up and will no doubt be in the band’s set list for the rest of its career. Other song favorites include “Lose To Win”, the heavy “Banshee” and “Bind The Ruins”.

If you like NWOBHM and/or Iron Maiden or simply well played classic heavy metal, you simply can’t go wrong with Lady Beast II.

Track List:
01. Heavy Metal Destiny
02. We Are The Witches
03. Bind The Ruins
04. Caged Fury
05. Heroes Of Our Time
06. Frost Giants Daughter
07. Forrest Of The Impaled
08. Lose To Win
09. Banshee

Band Members:
Deborah Levine – vocals
Tommy Kinnett – lead guitar
Christopher Tritschler – rhythm guitar
Greg Colaizzi – bass
Adam Ramage – drums

Recorded and mixed by Jason Jouver
Mastered by Jack Control

Band Websites:

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, July 2015