Rebel Rebel – Explode Into Space

Rebel Rebel - Explode Into Space
Released 2003 (FTW/MK Ultra Records)

Track List:
01. Neophilia
02. We Are The Future
03. MK Ultra
04. S.C.H.O.O.L.
05. Science Vixen
06. Summer Of Sex
07. Artificial Kid
08. Our Time Is Now
09. Venus Plus X
10. Neophilia (Spanish)
11. Wild Women (Spanish)
12. Summer Of Sex (Spanish)
13. We Are The Future (Spanish)

Jet – vocals and guitar
Teddy Heavens – guitars and efx
Marcello – bass
Gizmo – drums

Produced, mixed and engineered by Brian Kehew and Rebel Rebel.

This is one oddball release. As I listen to Explode Into Space I keep picturing a group of university intellectuals smoking way too much weed and experimenting with anything that enters their strung-out minds. The music is essentially punk rock mixed with guitar solos and any other bizarre sound they could fit on the disc. Monster Magnet meets the New York Dolls meets Life Sex Death and just about any other unusual band one can think of.

  The majority of songs here are very repetitious, but just when Rebel Rebel are about to place you into a trance they beat you over the head with an interesting guitar solo. So just when you think you have their sound pegged they do something off the wall to keep you on your toes. Take for instance “Science Fiction”, arguably the best track on the disc. This time it is a damn catchy guitar riff that sucks you in and then vocalist Jet lets out a high pitched yelp that leaves you confused – but it works! “Summer Of Sex” is a trippy song that has some interesting drum sounds happening, but “Venus Plus X” is the full throttle rocker on this release.

  I’m reminded of early Alice Cooper here, not so much in sound but delivery. When Alice first started out it was like he was trying to do too much at once in an effort to stand-out, but it wasn’t until he streamlined his sound that people took notice – and I have the feeling Rebel Rebel needs to do the same. There is a good base to work with here but things just need cleaned up a bit – I mean did we really need Spanish versions of three of the opening tracks?

  The sound is rather low on the recording and I’m still not sold on the vocalist – he doesn’t really sing, he really doesn’t scream, he just seems to exist. It’s almost as if his vocal styling is trying to hypnotize the listener and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Ya know, if the movie Planet Of The Apes was ever turned into a musical, I have a feeling it would end up like this release. Song samples can be found at, but make sure to listen with an open mind – or a good joint.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, May 2005.

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