Shock – Up And Coming

Shock - Up And Coming
Released 1986 (Greenworld)

Track List:
01. Shock Rock
02. Pay Day Lady
03. Up And Coming
04. Livin’ On The Edge
05. Fade To Black
06. BFD
07. Down-N-Out
08. Take me Away (Together As One)
09. Out For The Kill

Max Maddux – lead vocals
Damien Shepard – guitar and vocals
Carlos Gunn – bass and vocals
Eric Saxan – drums and vocals

Additional Musicians:
Rik Brock – background vocals
Michael Scott – background vocals
Jacky Foxx – background vocals

Produced by Eric “Griffy” Greif. Engineered by Mike Frazier.

Like a bad B-movie, Shock‘s Up And Coming is so awful that it has a certain comical charm about it. For starters the members of Shock look like rejects from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. They have applied lots of make-up to their faces, but proper application obviously wasn’t a concern for them. Check out the hairdo on the drummer, is this glam’s version of the Coneheads? As for the wardrobe, tiger-leopard-zebra prints must have been cheap at the local Kansas City landfill. But the kicker is the furry leg-warmers, if that doesn’t say “rock’n’roll” nothing will!

  Somehow this group of misfits managed to lure seven mildly attractive women to pose with them on the back cover, even going so far as to call them the “Shock Sushi Girls” and thanking them for “the great night”. Now I can’t imagine any Up And Coming model would want a Shock photo spread on their resume, so I’m thinking these guys had some financial backing – likely their parents in an effort to get them out on the road and away from the garage. Of course this was the mid-80s, so maybe even a band like Shock actually had a following – that is saying a lot.

  However a group’s image has no bearing on the actual music, so how is Shock‘s sound? The album itself claims to contain “weird psychedelic metal currently the rage in american headbasket”. The weird part I can agree with, but there is no way in hell Shock‘s brand of trash-glam was ever the rage in America – I can’t even believe it was the rage on their block! Each song chugs along with the same lackluster production, grinding guitars and gang vocal choruses. Vocalist Max Maddux sounds a bit like Vince Neil on “Up And Coming”, a song that has a rap-like chorus.

  The best songs here are “Pay Day Lady” and “Down-N-Out”, but there is one question I would really like answered. How in the hell does the vocalist produce some of those horrific screeches? No man should be able to shriek like that unless he has his nuts caught in the gears of a combine, but Maddox does it with regularity here. Toss out your George Carlin and Andrew Dice Clay albums, if you want real comedy search for this mid-80s gem.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, May 2005.

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