Suicide Bombers: ‘The Sex Tapes’

Suicice Bombers CD coverSuicide Bombers
The Sex Tapes
Released on March 24, 2015 (Independent)

I can’t believe that there are bands out there that can have a full length record out since 2012 and now a truly kick ass EP released last March that the majority of us haven’t any clue to! Yes — they are on the other side of the world from me. Sure, the releases are totally DIY, but damn, why oh why can’t we just get all these mofos heard? Oh right, I guess that’s what we are doing here…

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. I introduce to you the newest, greatest and the sleaziest hard rock band in the known free and not so free world: the Suicide Bombers. Hailing from Oslo, Norway and dripping with swagger, sex appeal and more talent than a body has a right to have, the sleaze merchants in the Suicide Bombers deliver and deliver in spades with The Sex Tapes. The Sex Tapes is as tight and as perfect an EP as any other I have heard. Not only do the six tracks drag you through the mire and leave you begging for more (so much more), but the mastermind behind the Bombers, Chris Damien Doll, ups the bloody ante and says “Fuck it! Let’s not only blow away the masses with a killer EP, but let’s toss in between each track poignant dialogue that makes this lil’ EP bloody epic!”. A be damned concept EP! I know — right freakin’ on!

The lead off track “Blade Runner (Tokyo Nights)” opens this can of hard rockin’ whoop ass and just sets the tempo for what is to come: a sleaze driven, arena rocking anthemic tome with the gumption to move mountains. I kid you not. “I Kill (Suicide Romeo)” is hands down my fave on the disc. Doll comes on sounding like a uber pissed off Kory Clarke (which is ironic since I think KC is just plain pissed off, but that’s another story…) of Space Age Playboys/Warrior Soul incantor and the band follows suit just pummeling you with this fist pumping head swinging ditty! Doll and company forge forward with “Planets Collide”, another serious rocker that has a gritty Sunset Boulevard feel about circa 1987. Doll throws down in a Taime Down, Stephen Pearcy vox styling and the boys just enhance what he’s laying down with a killer hook and chorus.

Not only on this track, but Lazy is a guitarists’ guitarist. Creating a barrage of hooks and lead fills that accentuate the fervor that is being created, he’s damn good. “X.I. Thing” is up next and this track does not let up what has already been started — pure sleazy hard rockin’, fist bangin’ goodness. Of course, this one is just dripping with sexiness as Doll belts out “I’m never late for a play date!”. The band is relentless and you can’t help to wonder what is possessing these SOBs? But wait — what’s this? “Boyfriend (Sha-La-La)” — huh? Doll and the Bomber boys throw a good ole’ Poison fueled, Pretty Boy Floyd sprinkled mid-tempo ballad-esque number on us. Nice. A really great tune. Lastly, but certainly not least for anything is “Devolicious Boys”, which serves as the lead off video, is another Faster Pussycat-like rocker with some more tasty guitar work from Lazy, and a primal core rhythm again that swaddles the senses in an oh so tasty aural blanket… thank you C. Slim and T-Bone.

The guys in the Suicide Bombers certainly aren’t messing about here. They are on tap to be and I quote “the most explosive band in history” and I concur. I desperately need to backtrack in the catalog and get the 2012 full length Criminal Record and ultimately, even though The Sex Tapes is so new its still warm, I am anxiously awaiting what the deviliciously demented musical genius Doll and his merry mates churn up next. Cheers boys!

Track List:
01. Intro: The Sex Tapes / Tokyo, Japan – Midnight
02. Bladerunner (Tokyo Nights)
03. Intro: Los Angeles, California, USA – 21:20
04. iKill (Suicide Romeo)
05. Intro: The Orion Nebula – 06:15
06. Planets Collide
07. Intro: Oslo, Norway – 19:32
08. X.I. Thing
09. Intro: Moscow, Russia – 11:59
10. Boyfriend (Sha-La-La)
11. Intro: Backstreet Island – The Night Before
12. Devolicious Boys
13. Outro: The Sex Tapes / …Over & Motherfucking Out! [Explicit]

Band Members:
Chris Damien Doll – The Sleaze Fuhrer – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Lazy Leather – The Sex Gunslinger – lead guitar, vocals
C. Slim – The Thunder Mechanic – bass, vocals
T-Bone – The Outlaw Groover – drums

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Terry Martinson for Sleaze Roxx, July 2015