Switchblade Suicide – Switchblade Suicide

Switchblade Suicide - Switchblade Suicide
Released 2008 (Switchblade Suicide)

Track List:
01. Stop Your Bitchin’
02. Live Fast, Die Young
03. Rock ‘N’ Roll

Dennis Lage – lead vocals and guitar
geoff Jewett – lead guitar and vocals
JJ Baulz – bass
Nick Jarvis – drums

Recorded by Pete Degraaf. Mixed by Roger Lavalee.

It is refreshing to find that sleazy hard rock is alive and well in America. Usually every album by young upstarts that cross my desk are from Sweden, but Switchblade Suicide breaks from the mold, calling Worcester, Massachusetts home.

  Whereas image plays a big part in the latest Swedish wave of sleaze rock, Switchblade Suicide are far less concerned with their looks and instead concentrate solely on the music. And the music these guys play is straight-up rock ‘n’ roll – they don’t get fancy, they aren’t conceited and they don’t try to latch onto current trends. Switchblade Suicide simply plug into their amps and let their brand of blues-based hard rock do the talking.

  I immediately thought of Little Caesar when I first spun this three song EP, simply because vocalist Dennis Lage has the perfect combination of grit and soul just like Ron Young. While the music itself can be compared to Little Caesar as well, one would have to compare it to that band’s heaviest recordings as Switchblade Suicide play with more aggression. All three songs on this EP are top-notch and take the listener back to the dirty clubs of late 80’s rock.

  My only complaint is that at three songs this release is entirely too short. Here’s hoping that a band with as much promise as Switchblade Suicide quickly jumps into the studio and spits out a full-length album – I’ll be looking forward to it!

  www.myspace.com/myswitchbladesuicide – www.cdbaby.com (to purchase)

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, September 2008.

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