The Erotics – Rubbish

The Erotics - Rubbish
Released 2008 (Trashpit Records)

Track List:
01. Dead Last In The Rat Race
02. Terrorize You
03. Push Comes To Death
04. Get Away From Me (Mother F*cker)
05. Nobody Wants You Around
06. Born To Let You Down
07. Frustrated
08. Walk All Over You

Mike Trash – lead vocals and rhythm/lead guitar
Rachel Toxic – lead/rhythm/slide guitar and talk box
Billy Beer – bass
Johnny Riott – drums and percussion

Additional Musicians:
Victoria Lamas – backing vocals

Produced, mixed and engineered by John Delehanty.

Hot off the presses in the brand new release from The Erotics. But who the hell are The Erotics, and why haven’t I heard of them before? Apparently the band started out many years ago as punk rockers (which is likely why they slipped under my radar) before morphing into something much better. What they have become on their latest release Rubbish are pure New York gutter sleaze merchants.

  Band leader Mike Trash sounds like he has an axe to grind right from the opening flurry of “Dead Last In The Rat Race” as he starts bitching with a Wednesday 13 growl. It sounds like the man is about to blow a gasket as he storms through each track with a Crank County Daredevils type urgency. While the punk sound is all but removed from The Erotics on this album, the punk manifest still lingers in the lyrics of songs such as “Get Away From Me (Mother F*cker)”, “Nobody Want You Around” and “Born To Let You Down”.

  Things rarely slow down on Rubbish, as the band conjures up a musical hurricane on tracks like “Terrorize You” – a song that sounds like The Throbs being spun at 100mph. The only time Mike Trash and the guys slow down is on “Get Away From Me (Mother F*cker)”, a song that is a welcome addition as it gives the listener a chance to catch their breath. Even though the song sounds a bit out of place on Rubbish, it completely succeeds with its laid-back disdain and groovy southern slide guitar.

  Ending this collection of brutality and anger is a cover of AC/DC‘s often overlooked “Walk All Over You”. It is a fitting conclusion to this album as Mike Trash captures Bon Scott‘s swagger and fuck-it attitude perfectly while still making the song all his own. You can almost picture the rabid foam dripping from Trash‘s lips as he spits out each attitude driven lyric, and the band stays right on top of things, never getting left behind in the mix.

  At a mere eight songs you might consider Rubbish to be too short. But believe me, if the disc was any longer you’d get the feeling you were being bludgeoned to death. Ferocity of this magnitude should only be delivered in short spurts and The Erotics know exactly how much they can get away with…as they have proved with Rubbish, and album that is anything but! – –

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, September 2008.

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