Torrential Thrill: ‘Nothing As It Seems’

Released on April 8, 2017 (Hellfire Records)

I have had the hardest time coming up with a review for Torrential Thrill‘s new album Nothing As It Seems, because pun intended, it does not seem like anything that I have heard before. Frankly, that’s a great thing. Originality in music in this day and age is a hard thing to do. In a way, it reminds me a bit of former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted‘s band Newsted — not in sound similarities because Torrential Thrill sound very different than Newsted — but in the way that both seem to have come up with music that seems to forge a new path.

Torrential Thrill‘s Nothing As It Seems is an album that you’ll likely grow to appreciate the more you listen to it because it has so many layers to it. “Human Zoo” with its frantic drumming and “Hail Mary” are addictive and take the listener through an almost schizophrenic like journey. “Waking The Neighbours” is probably the most commercial sounding track on the album and not surprisingly the band released a video for it. It has a nice melody to it but I like the harder edged songs on Nothing As It Seems a lot better. I like the beat to “Wild Child” and can hear bassist Steve “Knox” Bond‘s bass licks loud and clear on this one. Lead vocalist Chris Malcher has a distinctive voice, which at times unfortunately goes a tad on the growly side such as on “Wild Side” but when he’s just singing or screaming, it’s a pleasure to hear him! “Escape With Your Life” is a slower paced moody rocker which I have really grown to like. It’s not your customary ballad and it sucks you in before taking off in a harder direction. As I listen to the album, what strikes me the most is the rhythm section of Boyd and drummer Matt Morrell. They lay the foundation for the songs on Nothing As It Seems and unlike many other groups, it seems that the bass and drums have been brought to the forefront purposely and seemingly on each song.

“Not My President” reminds me of early Black Sabbath with its intro beats and Geezer Butler like bass licks. The track has a ferociousness to it that I really like. “Feel Like Dying” is a more conventional track with more melody and with a smithereen of what you can usually find on Nothing As It Seems. Now I am not a fan of ballads but “Through The Fire” is a damn good one! Starting off with some seemingly acoustic guitar, the song lets Malcher shine and takes you on a journey. Finally, Nothing As It Seems closes with “No Pretender” which also oozes in originality and while straying away from the usual sleaze rock fare that I would listen to, is still enjoyable to listen to.

Torrential Thrill have come up with an album that is nothing as it seems. All I know is that there doesn’t seem to be one stand out song but every time I put on the album, I listen to the whole thing from start to finish, and discover something new each time. Overall, Torrential Thrill have delivered a solid album while forging their own sound and it will be a record that I will be listening to for years to come.

Track List:
01. Scream
02. Human Zoo
03. Hail Mary
04. Nothing As It Seems
05. Waking The Neighbours
06. Wild Child
07. Escape With Your Life
08. Not My President
09. Feel Like Dying
10. Through The Fire
11. No Pretender

Band Members:
Chris Malcher – lead vocals, backing guitar
Steve Morrell – lead guitar, backing vocal
Matt Morrell – drums
Steve “Knox” Boyd – bass guitar, gang vocals

Produced by Matt D’Arcy and Torrential Thrill

Band Websites:
Hellfire Records

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, July 2017

Torrential Thrill‘s “Waking The Neighbours” video:

WAKING THE NEIGHBOURS – Torrential Thrill (Official Video)

Torrential Thrill’s official music video for ‘Waking the Neighbours’. Click to listen to Torrential Thrill on Spotify: As featured on ‘Nothing As It Seems’.