Rich Kid Express unveil audio sampler for upcoming debut ‘Bubblegum Radio’ EP

Rich Kid Express unveil audio sampler for upcoming debut ‘Bubblegum Radio’ EP

Squib Kick Records will be releasing Rich Kid Express‘ debut EP Bubblegum Radio later this year and has released an audio sample for the EP for streaming.

Anticipated Track List for Bubblegum Radio EP:
01. You Went Too Far
02. The Way She Rolls
03. Bubblegum Radio
04. Just A Dog
05. Steamroller

Squib Kick Records‘ press release indicates (with slight edits):

Squib Kick Records is getting set to release the debut EP entitled “Bubblegum Radio” by Rich Kid Express in February 2020.

Rich Kid Express is Rob Richardson‘s solo project, and he’s taken some time for himself to be creative and get back in the driver’s seat of making music. Drawing from seventies style Glam Rock / Bubblegum influences and combining that with a heavy dose of eighties Hard Rock, the result is an absolute freight train full of fun, caboose kickin’, rock and roll!”

Rich Kid ExpressBubblegum Radio EP audio sampler:

RICH KID EXPRESS “Bubblegum Radio EP” Sampler (70’s/80’s rock, hard rock style)

This is an “unmastered” sampler from the forthcoming EP “Bubble Gum Radio” by RICH KID EXPRESS. Rob Richardson’s (Squib Kick Records) solo project. It’s a mix of 70’s and 80’s influenced hard rock music. Everything from Glam Rock & Bubblegum to 80’s style metal. “Bubblegum Radio” will be available for streaming and download in Feb.