Ronnie Younkins’ wife Ines reportedly confirms police involved but no domestic violence

Ronnie Younkins’ wife Ines reportedly confirms police involved but no domestic violence

Sleaze Roxx announced yesterday that Kix guitarist Ronnie Younkins had been arrested for domestic violence and appeared in a court in Maryland, USA in that regard on June 16, 2017. Sleaze Roxx has received some second hand information advising that Younkins was arrested on various charges but this does not involve any violence towards his wife Ines.

The following was posted in part earlier today on Your Backstage Pass!‘s private Facebook page, which is run by Sleaze Roxx contributor and ace photographer Christopher Carroll:

“With regard to the Ronnie Younkins (KIX) story…

Earlier today, when things were being posted about it with nothing more than “I heard…..” with no credible source, I thought it would be a good idea to see if there this was even the same Ronnie!

(Hey, on sure there’s probably more than 1). That would be a quick way to squash the story, if I found out it wasn’t even him.
I looked into it, compared the info on the police report with what I knew about Ronnie (which was next to nothing).

I made the mistake of reaching out to a ‘friend’ Alison Mamana (better known as Snake Sabo‘s ex wife) who claims to be a PR agent…… as she’s always told me she is close friends with Ronnie & his wife…

…part of the quote Ines evidently wanted Alison to pass on (instead of just making this statement publicly to clear things up) is this:

I spoke with Inez as soon as you contacted me with that and I told you the truth – she told me to tell you that “Yes, Ronnie has a problem with addiction and he was acting totally ridiculos, but he didn’t hit me.”

There is no arrest on that, she filed for a three-day order so he couldn’t stay at home just to make sure he had to go back to rehab!! The other charge is separate and that’s what they took him in for, but they released him immediately!! and she said “Yes he f***** up but he certainly didn’t beat her.”

Of note, Sleaze Roxx has not received any confirmation directly from Younkins or his wife Ines with respect to the above.