Shokker frontwoman Rachl Quinn announces her departure from the band

Shokker frontwoman Rachl Quinn announces her departure from the band

Say it isn’t so. Shokker‘s powerhouse frontwoman Rachl “Raxx” Quinn has left the band for “personal reasons” as cited by Shokker and Quinn herself. Quinn handled the lead vocals on Shokker‘s self-titled EP released in July 2015 and the group’s full-length album III released in April 2017.

The following message was posted on Quinn‘s Facebook page on July 9, 2018:

“Unfortunately I have to announce my departure from Shokker as their frontwoman.

I wish them nothing but happiness and success in the future.

My apologies to anyone that was looking forward to seeing me with them this fall.

Thank you to everyone that has been incredibly supportive throughout my four years with them. I am forever grateful for all of you. ❤”

In the comments section of her Facebook post, Quinn also posted: “My reasons for leaving are personal. Thank you so much everyone for your kindness and support. Quinn who is from the Maryland state also advised of her intention of staying in Illinois as she also posted: “I will not moving back to the East Coast. Staying in Illinois for my amazing students!

Shokker reposted Quinn‘s Facebook post with the following additional comments yesterday:

“As many already know, Rachl has left Shokker, for personal reasons. She left the band on good terms, and we are all still friends. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

There will be a couple major changes within our band. We have been working very hard on the next album, and we are very proud of what we’ve created so far.

We will be finishing the rest of the shows this year with guest vocalists. Thank you all for the love and support through the years. We will continue to make great music, and we look forward to the bright future ahead.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following about Quinn in its review of Shokker‘s performance at the M-Pre Party at Sonoma Bar & Grill in Columbia, Maryland, USA on May 3, 2018: “Getting back to Shokker, this was their second consecutive time playing the M-Pre Party and they put on a hell of a performance. All four of them were quite active on stage with Quinn and lead guitarist Casey Tremont doing a lot of headbanging. Quinn demonstrated that her jaw dropping voice on the group’s debut album III was no fluke. The frontwoman can sure hold a note for a loooong time! Quinn‘s red hair made sure that she was very noticeable on stage as well. Her singing parts on some of the Shokker‘s songs are seemingly quite challenging so when it came time for her to sing the group’s cover of Ozzy Osbourne‘s “Bark At The Moon” (which is no easy feat), it really felt like she was taking a break on stage. In any case, I say with confidence that there are hardly any singers out there that could come toe to toe with Quinn on any given night.”

Of note, Sleaze Roxx interviewed the Shokker band members back in September 2015 and noted that Quinn and bassist Jorey Guillermo were a couple and asked how this impacted the band dynamics. Quinn replied: “We were together a long time before I was in the band. To date, we’ve been together a little over a year. All I really have to say on the situation is that we keep our professional and personal lives separate.” Guillermo added “The band takes all of our work and concentration. We’re devoted to this project whether we’re together or not.” Quinn also opined: “Right — we’re a couple. We don’t feel the need to hide that. However, it has nothing to do with the band, and the music will always come first.”

Sleaze Roxx does not have any information on whether Quinn and Guillermo are still a couple at this time but if the duo was to split up or had split up, and was unable to function as a unit within the band, one would think Quinn would be leaving the group since Guillermo was already in the band when she joined.

Shokker‘s “Snake Eyes” song:

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