Stryper release lyric video for new song “Take It To The Cross”

Stryper release lyric video for new song “Take It To The Cross”

Stryper consisting of lead vocalist / guitarist Michael Sweet, drummer Robert Sweet, guitarist Oz Fox and bassist Perry Richardson have released a first song entitled “Take It To The Cross” from their upcoming new studio album God Damn Evil, which will be released via Frontiers Music Srl on April 20, 2018.

In an interview with The Metal Voice late last year, Stryper frontman Michael Sweet spoke about the song “Take It To The Cross” as he stated:

“There is a song called “Take It To The Cross” and we brought in Matt Bachand who plays guitar in Shadows Fall and also plays bass in Act Of Defiance. And Matt has a great growl voice. So we brought him in on “Take It To The Cross” (new song) and on the chorus you will hear Matt growl and at the end of the song you will hear Matt growl. People are going to hear that and say that”s no way Stryper! More in line with Thrash, Death Metal but not over the top. People are going to hear it and say ‘What the hell?’ “

Stryper‘s “Take It To The Cross” lyric video:

Stryper – “Take It To The Cross” [Official Visualizer Video]

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