Vince Neil Considers Pressing Charges Against Ex-Girlfriend

Vince Neil Considers Pressing Charges Against Ex-Girlfriend

March 30, 2011

Vince Neil Considers Pressing Charges Against Ex-GirlfriendVince Neil claims HE was the victim in an alleged assault last week between him and his ex-GF… insisting she left several bloody marks on his skin — and TMZ has obtained a photo of the flesh wounds.

It all started last Thursday night — when, as we previously reported, Neil’s ex-girlfriend Alicia Jacobs filed a battery report against him, claiming the ex-rocker went ballistic on her and a friend while they were watching a show at the Las Vegas Hilton… and bruised up her shoulder.

But Neil is adamant he never laid a finger on Alicia — claiming SHE was the aggressor… digging her nails into his skin and inflicting the bloody wounds in the picture.

We’re told Neil — who has already served 10 days in jail this year over a DUI case — is considering pressing charges of his own.

Sources close to Jacobs tell TMZ she is not pleased that Neil has been telling people she was the one who got physical and not him. We’re told Jacobs plans on hiring an attorney of her own throughout the criminal process and she hopes to subpoena the surveillance footage because she feels it backs up her story.

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