Wildstreet singer Eric Jayk outlines problems during European tour due to issues w/ tour manager

Wildstreet singer Eric Jayk outlines problems during European tour due to issues w/ tour manager

Wildstreet (USA) and L.A. Cobra (South Africa) along with Strÿkenine (Sweden) recently joined forces to do a tour of Europe consisting of nine tour stops in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK from March 7 to 16, 2019. The bands had some very challenging and difficult times during the tour including visa troubles getting into the UK (forcing them to cancel a number of shows) and their tour manager Gav Jackson allegedly taking their tour van and leaving them stranded.

Wildstreet consist of band founder and frontman Eric Jayk, guitarist Jimmie Marlowe, bassist Jonny D, lead guitarist Dom and drummer Lock. Sleaze Roxx caught them live at the M-Pre Party in Columbia, Maryland, USA in early May 2018 and ranked them at #4 overall out of 33 artist / band live performances including the M3 Rock Festival and Sleazy Slimey Sunday. Wildstreet have a new Instagram page at @wildstreetofficial.

L.A. Cobra‘s band members are lead vocalist and guitarist Don Cobra, guitarist Slade, drummer Callie the Animal and bassist Ewil Honey. Their last studio album Shotgun Slinger finished at #4 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2017.

In his own words, Wildstreet frontman Eric Jayk advised (with slight edits):

“I would like my money paid for the van returned, the money owed to Strÿkenine for their set in Germany paid, our flight money returned for the flights we did not get on in Amsterdam to Manchester (470€), the money we spent on the bus from France for Wildstreet and L.A. Cobra, the cabs at Bochum and from the Rotterdam club to the hotel compensated to both Wildstreet and Strÿkenine, and if we can get loss of wages for the shows we had to cancel because he lied to his government, that would be best. Here’s the story:

I started working with Gav Jackson because one morning last year I got a call from Don Cobra, the singer of L.A. Cobra, from South Africa. He called me personally from South Africa! That meant the world to me…

I had been advised to perhaps steer clear because I was hearing mixed messages about his track record from bands / c clubs / promoters. I trusted that he would do right by us and drafted a contract myself that he never signed. And never did he provide exact details on his booking fees and wasn’t up front with details of his expenses, whether or not he had a vehicle, or what he and Mandy did for work at all…  i.e. Why does he want to do this? Touring is hard as fuck.

So first red flag was waived when Gav booted some band who was beginning to be friends with Dom (my guitarist) off one of our UK shows and continued when he was unwilling to work with promoters in Germany. Or Scotland who were trying to make stuff happen… Everything was melodramatic and his temper was childish and absurd.

After finding out that the bands had received payouts from the glam Sleazefest in Germany, Gav badgered us 4x-6x a day or more that we owed him 500£ for a van rental and ferry cost… Eventually I backed down because he was intruding on my lessons, my life and my marriage, and I wanted the onslaught of messages to stop. I sent him his money in two payments on PayPal. So did L.A. Cobra and Strÿkenine… He said he was gonna “rent” this van and he had to sell his “family car” to do it… Turns out it was a lie. He owned the van and lied to his government about using it for a fishing trip so he didn’t lose his public assistance money.

Next, he was badgering all of us about getting him our passport information. He provided no information to either L.A. Cobra or Wildstreet about whether or not we needed a work visa.

Finally, after landing in Belgium and meeting Gav/Strÿkenine at the airport, it became very clear he had no idea what he was doing. He had built a plywood “rack” that was unstable and dangerous to everyone in the vehicle. My guitarist Jimmie is a furniture building hobbyist. He almost refused to ride in the van from the get go but we had a show to play and no time to think…

When we got to the gig, we finally convinced Gav to get a trailer. The bands pooled money. And thought we had this figured out! After the gig, Gav disappeared for like two hours and we were stuck at the club. Finally, he shows up again and we drive to this campground cabin place all the way in the wrong direction and leave our gear at the club also in the wrong direction. So far, we have no food except a microwave pizza and beer.

We’re chill hoping maybe shit would get better. Gav says he’s gonna get a trailer in the morning that our friend Jan DeGreve hooked up for us. So he and Don go and get the trailer. We were supposed to be ready to go at 11. We’re dressed and waiting. 12pm — no Gav. Finally, I ask him if there is anywhere to eat because these kids are starving. He says there is a cafe on the campgrounds. 1 pm — no Gav. The cafe is closed to 3 pm and our gear is at the club and we have a 5 ½ hour drive to Germany.

I buy all the bands candy at the tourist shop and then when Gav arrives, I put enough pressure on him that he stops at a grocery store so we can buy something to eat.

He shows up with a trailer that’s the size of a suitcase and said the bigger one was the same price. Our gear and the 17 people still do not fit in the van.

We drive to Germany late for our gig. The guys in Strÿkenine need to use the bathroom. He refuses to stop. They can’t wait any longer and piss in a bottle. The only fucking option… Five minutes to pea on the side of the road could’ve avoided the problem but no, and mind you, he took all three bands’ show pay from the door deal the night before to pay for gas to the club…

We get to Paunchy Cats late and immediately Strÿkenine and Cobra have to start playing. We all play great. Fuck it, that’s what we hear to do. The show ends and Gav handles the payout. I asked him the night before not to settle with the club without at least one member of each band present. He didn’t listen and then he pulled me aside to go over money.

He shows me 260€ and two Hardcore Superstar tickets. Apparently, the club paid us 380€ and he spent 100€ on those tickets and 20€ on a hoodie or something.

Then he created a story that he would not pay Strÿkenine the 100€ they were promised because they pissed in the van. Obviously, he is lying his way out of accountability for buying his tickets with our show pay. Then he gets pulled over by the cops outside Paunchy Cats because he was swirling the trailer. Everything got weird.

We had a hotel booked and got to sleep for 2 ½ hours and we left for Sleazefest, then shit went down…

He wouldn’t stop for food again, and Jimmie, my guitarist, and the Cobra guys were starving. It’s a six hour drive. We got to Bochum and he parked the van and left us.

Meanwhile, before all three shows, he was pressuring me to play 60 minutes exactly. My thought is he was hoping I’d blow my throat out and not wanna go to the UK. Too bad, I’m a vocal coach dude…

So at Bochum, he makes us pay 150-200€ for cabs to and from our accommodations. Appalling since we paid him 500£ for use of the van while we are in Europe. He is too lazy to pick us up and flipping out about his violation warning near Paunchy Cats. And he left L.A. Cobra to sleep on the street! They had no way back to the hotel!

Jimmie refuses to get back in the van with Gav unless shit changes and his reaction to Jimmie indicates his childish temper..

Then after Jimmie and Gav have words, Gav says he got a fine by the cops and has to kick Strÿkenine off of the tour. We had a show booked in Rotterdam and the rest of the tour with those dudes.

Jimmie, Jonny, Dom, Lock and I grabbed our gear, the Strÿkenine guys and gear and walked to the train station. The 11 of us carrying 26kg roadcases guitars, suitcases, etc, etc and rode the public transportation to Rotterdam walked from the train to the gig, got dressed and did our sets. Once again, we had to pay our way to the hotel because Gav would not drive the van.

Then he tells us that he can’t take all of us to the UK. So only two of my guys, one of Strÿkenine‘s guys and the L.A. Cobra guys rode down to the tunnel with the van.

Jimmie, me and Dom had to buy flights from Amsterdam to the UK out of our pockets and meet them in Manchester. Bad idea.

The van was stopped at the border and my guys and L.A. Cobra were detained in prison by French police / customs for 11-12 hours. Jimmie and I were at the airport and ready to begin to board our flight and we find out Wildstreet and L.A. Cobra were denied entry into the UK. Gav had told my guys to lie to the government later finding out it was to save his ass because he didn’t want to show that he was working and risk losing his public assistance.

Then my guys who have never travelled out of the US (mind you my drummer is 20 years old and could still be considered a minor) are scared and lock screams at Gav. The dude responds by assaulting Lock and throws our gear and L.A. Cobra‘s gear out of the bus and drives off. They’re left in France broke and with bags, gear in the freezing cold.

L.A. Cobra find a means to get the dudes up to Amsterdam and me and Jimmie meet them at the bus station and we all get a hostel and try to figure out what to do.

Strykenine decide to play one of the gigs in London and to fly to the UK as planned (which was best) and we meet them in Belgium for the final show.

Don and I salvage the tour with help from friends from South Africa in Holland and with help of Bazzty Sleaze and the glam band Mr. Myst hooked up a show in Oostend, places to stay and transport to Roselaire for our last gig.”

Wildstreet have recently started a GoFundMe campaign to help them replace some of their guitars broken during their recent European tour.

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