Yngwie Malmsteen Wins SKAP’s Best Composer Award

Yngwie Malmsteen Wins SKAP’s Best Composer Award

May 21, 2012

Yngwie Malmsteen Wins SKAP's Best Composer AwardSKAP — The Swedish Society of Popular Music Composers — recently voted Yngwie Malmsteen as ‘the best composer’.

SKAP said, “With his unique way of understanding classical music as well as rock n roll, he has written songs that have made him one of the foreground figures — if not THE foreground figure — for an entire genre. The Swedish Society of Popular Music Composers wish to praise an author whose songwriting skills are often overshadowed by his blazing guitar technique.”

Yngwie Malmsteen is one of rock’s premiere virtuoso guitarists. Yngwie has dominated the world of solo guitar for two decades. When he was barely 20, Yngwie exploded onto the music scene with his jaw-dropping technique of lightning fast harmonic minor scalar riffing.

His 1984 album, ‘Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force’, established seemingly overnight the style now referred to a neo-classical melodic rock. A legend in both style and technique, Yngwie’s long career reached new heights when his totally classical work for orchestra and solo electric guitar, ‘Concerto Suite’, was released, proving that his classical credentials were genuine. A respected musician among both his peers and his fans, Yngwie continues to play and compose at a level of mastery that many career musician only dream of.

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