21 Guns Singer Returns With L.R.S. And New Video “Livin 4 A Dream”

21 Guns Singer Returns With L.R.S. And New Video “Livin 4 A Dream”

March 5, 2014

With their debut album ‘Down To The Core’ arriving on March 21st in Europe and March 25th in North America, L.R.S. have released the disc’s first video “Livin 4 A Dream”. L.R.S. stands for the new melodic rock musical alliance between singer Tommy La Verdi (21 Guns), guitarist Josh Ramos (The Storm, Hardline) and drummer Michael Shotton (Von Groove, Airtime).

Started initially as a way to bring back to the public the amazing vocal talent of Tommy LaVerdi, a singer which came to the attention of the fans on the fabulous 21 GUNS debut album ‘Salute’ in 1992, the whole project morphed into a power band trio when Ramos and Shotton were brought into the picture by the album’s producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline).

The writing sessions were fast and steady, with Del Vecchio managing all contributions from the band members — who lived in different places — and offering a number of his own writings and co-writings to the band. Together they were able to develop a distinctive melodic rock sound in the tradition of Journey and The Storm, with hints of Canadian AOR like ’80s Triumph. Recording sessions happened for the most part in Somma Lombardo, Italy, during the spring of 2013, with the musicians getting along extremely well and creating a spontaneous camaraderie which contributed to the success of the sessions.

“I respected a lot both Josh and Michael before starting the album and it was actually very sad to leave each other after we finished recording and filming the videos,” said Tommy La Verdi, while Michael Shotton added, “It was like we had been playing in a band for years!” “I had the opportunity to try different styles and moods and incorporate elements of my past musical experiences in The Storm and Hardline — I was very glad to be involved in this,” concludes Josh Ramos.

The resulting album ‘Down To The Core’ is now finally ready to be unleashed to the public via Frontiers Records. With soaring vocals from LaVerdi, a superb vocalist who comes back into the well deserved spotlight, and some exquisite guitar playing from Ramos, this is an album not to be missed and an AOR highlight for early 2014!

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com