220 Volt Debut Video For “Walking In Starlight”

220 Volt Debut Video For “Walking In Starlight”

September 25, 2014

220 Volt will release their new album ‘Walking In Starlight’ on September 26th through AOR/Metal Heaven, and have debuted a video for the album’s first single and title track.

‘Walking In Starlight’ was produced by the band and mixed by legendary producer Max Norman and up and coming Swedish producer Ronnie Bjornstrom (also guitarist in Aeon). Anders Engberg (ex-Therion ex-Lions Share) is the new vocalist of the band, who joins founding guitarists Thomas Drevin and Mats Karlsson and drummer Peter Hermansson, reunited with the band.

“It’s an album full of classic hard rock and melodic metal, some modern touches and even some AOR-ish hints,” says Karlsson. “We’ve tried to not be so predictable, stretched out a bit and let the songs lead the way. So some of the tracks are a little longer than we used to allow them to be before. First time we worked with a real string quartet also, which was great.”

“Since we don’t have a bassist in the band, we’ve had a couple of good friends come in and help us out with the bass parts, and it turned out great,” says Drevin. “Bass duties are handled by Johan Niemann (Evergrey, ex-Therion) and Lars Ericsson (The Summit). We also added some Hammond and various keyboards, mostly played by Mats’ brother Ulf Karlsson.”

220 Volt was among the top hard rock acts in Scandinavia during the ’80s and released their first, self titled album on CBS in 1983. The band then went on to release five albums between 1983 and 1988. The last one recorded in the ’80s was ‘Eye To Eye’, which is their best selling album internationally and was also on heavy rotation on MTV and many radio stations around the world.

The band built their reputation on frequent album releases and energetic live shows. Besides performing their own headline shows, the band also toured as support for AC/DC and Nazareth among others. In 1985 the band performed in front of 80,000 people in Warsaw Poland. The show was broadcast live on Polish TV, among the first ever TV shows in the eastern block to feature a hard rock band.

220 Volt split up in 1992, but did release the studio album ‘Lethal Illusion’ in 1997. 220 Volt also appeared for a while between 2002 and 2008 with members from an earlier line-up and produced two albums, ‘Volume 1’ and the live album ‘Made In Jamtland’.

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