42 Decibel release video of entire November 13, 2015 concert

42 Decibel release video of entire November 13, 2015 concert

Argentinian rockers 42 Decibel have released a video of their entire set from their November 13, 2015 concert at The Roxy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

42 Decibel photo42 Decibel‘s press release states:

“Since it’s formation, fans around the world of the argentinean rockers 42 Decibel have been eager to see the band live. Being so far away, it hasn’t been possible for the band to tour Europe or USA yet, and even though an European tour is in the works, fans worldwide have now the opportunity to enjoy a full concert in high video and audio quality, free, and in the comfort of their homes.

The concert the band held last November at The Roxy Live venue in Buenos Aires is now available for everyone to watch and enjoy a taste of what 42 Decibel is like in a live environment, while they prepare to embark on the upcoming European tour.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of 42 Decibel‘s latest album Rolling In Town: “Relentless and raw — that is what I think of when I listen to 42 Decibel‘s sophomore album Rolling In Town. That and just about everything with respect to 42 Decibel‘s Rolling In Town reminds me of old school Bon Scott era AC/DC. If you closed your eyes and listened to 42 Decibel‘s singer Junior Figueroa, especially on a slower bluesy track like “Short Fused” — you’d be hard pressed not to think that this is a long lost recording from Scott himself!” Sleaze Roxx went on to conclude: “Sure, there are an awful lot of AC/DC type copycat bands out there but you’ll be hard pressed to find a more authentic old school Bon Scott era AC/DC copycat band than 42 Decibel! If you like Bon Scott era AC/DC and an old school ’70s feel to your rock and roll, 42 Decibel are likely just what you are looking for!”

42 Decibel – Rude, Fast & Live (Full Concert)

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