44 Caliber release new EP ‘Know Your Enemy’

44 Caliber release new EP ‘Know Your Enemy’

After a five year gap between albums, Swedish rockers 44 Caliber are back with a new EP titled Know Your Enemy. 44 Caliber have previously released four EPs/albums: 44 Caliber (2008), No. 2 (2009), Can You Handle (2010) and I Blame You (2013).

Speaking to Sleaze Roxx, 44 Caliber bassist Chrille stated: “We have just released a new EP Know Your Enemy! It’s a new line-up this time. Flodiz, the original drummer, is back on drums and the rest is the same: C.C. on vocals, Chris on guitar and me on bass. We recorded the EP  in the same studio that the debut album was recorded.”

Track List for Know Your Enemy:
01. Brand New Habit (A New Way To Die)
02. Here I Am
03. Know Your Enemy

44 Caliber‘s “Too Many Lies” song:

44 Caliber – Too Many Lies

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