44 Caliber release video for new single “Seconds”

44 Caliber release video for new single “Seconds”

Swedish hard rockers 44 Caliber have released a video for their new single “Seconds.”

44 Caliber have actually been around for some time dating back to 2007. The group’s Facebook page indicates that the band has released three EPs/albums so far: 44 Caliber (2008), No. 2 (2009) and Can You Handle (2010) with the latter via Demon Doll Records.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of the EP No. 2: “44 Caliber struck me as a new age Mötorhead, one that mixes that punk-metal sound with 21st century sleaze. This Swedish sleaze band’s song structure and guitar riffs are stuck in the 70’s, while C.C.‘s vocal delivery reminds me of a slightly cleaner, younger and louder version of Lemmy. Is that a bad thing? You be the judge.”

In terms of 44 Caliber‘s self-titled EP, Sleaze Roxx stated as follows in its review: “44 Caliber are on the way to something very big if they are going to continue like this. The band has only been together since late 2007 and it appears they are going to record some new tracks in November, which in my eyes should get them a record deal without any problems. Sure, there could be a few improvements in the mixing, but that’s no big deal at all and something Chris Laney (which in my opinion would be the perfect choice as a producer) could fix in an instant. This five song demo gets all thumbs up and is recommended for any fan of Crashdïet!”

44 Caliber‘s “Seconds” video:

44 CALIBER – Seconds

New single out now!!