5th Avenue Vampires Complete Mixing ‘Drawing Blood’ CD

5th Avenue Vampires Complete Mixing ‘Drawing Blood’ CD

March 11, 2010

The 5th Avenue Vampires have completed mixing their new ‘Drawing Blood’ CD and plan on having it pressed next week. The 5th Avenue Vampires consist of original Alice Cooper bassist Dennis Dunaway, Ace Frehley and Sebastian Bach guitarist Richie Scarlet along with Russ Wilson, and Joe Von T.

Joe Von T issued the following statement, “We have finished mixing our CD and are now in master mode. Over the next 2 days we are mastering and will be sending it out to be pressed early next week. We’re all exited.

We spent most of our night mixing One of Dennis Dunaway’s songs on the album. Dennis actually plays a saw during an instrumental break. This song took a life all of its own and is unlike any song ever produced created or anyone ever has dreamed of. It is a death rock opera, a new classification for a new kind of song.”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.5thavenuevampires.com