’90s glam rockers Krayola Kids’ demo ‘The House That Glam Built’ gets official release

’90s glam rockers Krayola Kids’ demo ‘The House That Glam Built’ gets official release

FnA Records is officially releasing ’90s glam rockers Krayola Kids‘ sought out demo The House That Glam Built.

FnA Records‘ press release states:

“During the heyday of Glam and Hard Rock in the late 80’s/early 90’s, the Sunset Strip was filled with many colorful bands. Krayola Kids were no exception. FnA Records is proud to announce that they have teamed up with the Krayola Kids to officially release their sought after demo, “The House That Glam Built”, on CD for the first time, along with other previously unreleased material featuring guitarist Pepsi Pop that even pre-dates the “Kids.” This is a band that has managed to maintain a strong underground following over the years due to their creative mix of Glam, Punk, and sing along choruses.

Krayola Kids was formed in Hollywood in 1991. The band found mentorship under Poison guitarist CC Deville, who helped the band come into their own and develop their signature image and Glam sound. This led to Krayola Kids getting regular gigs booked on the Strip, playing with such bands as Swingin’ Thing, Big Bang Babies, and Alleycat Scratch. A chance meeting with a collaborator of Metallica bassist Jason Newsted even led to Krayola Kids opening for Rob Zombie at Phoenix Stadium. Though an obvious mismatch of musical styles, this was an opportunity that gave the band further exposure to a larger audience. After releasing their demo, “The House That Glam Built,” Krayola Kids had hoped to follow up in a big way. Sadly, the story often told of a changing music scene in the 90’s and lack of a record deal led to the Krayola Kids dissolving shortly after. After the Krayola Kids material on this CD is The Pepsi Pop demos which even pre-dates the Krayola Kids.

All of the songs on this album have been REMASTERED, in an effort to give the best possible sound available and help it stand above and beyond any of the bootlegs that have been passed around until now. This album is also a very LIMITED EDITION release, with only 100 individually numbered copies being made available for sale. Once they are gone, they are gone, so do not hesitate if this album sounds right for you. Despite their sudden end and short time together as a band, Krayola Kids have managed to still influence fans of the underground Glam scene and we at FnA Records hope this new release will please the fans who still support this great genre.”

Track List for The House That Glam Built:
01. Krayola Rock N Roll
02. Sky Blue
03. Sweet Pea
04. Circus Comes to Town (Live)
05. She Reminds Me Of You
06. 90s Rock N Roll
07. Ice In The night
08. Bitches N ladies
09. Havin A Friend
10 Without Your Love
11 Don’t Be A fake
12 Big Shot by the band Big Shot

You can order Krayola KidsThe House That Glam Built at FnA Records.

Krayola Kids‘ “Krayola Rock N Roll” song:

Krayola Rock N Roll-Krayola Kids.wmv

Krayola Kids