99 Crimes feat. Dangerous Toys guitarist Paul Lidel at mixing stage for debut full-length album

99 Crimes feat. Dangerous Toys guitarist Paul Lidel at mixing stage for debut full-length album

99 Crimes consisting of Dangerous Toys and ex-Dirty Looks guitarist Paul Lidel (on lead vocals and guitar), Jeff Lynn on bass (and lead vocals on one song thus far), and Chris Jordan on drums are getting close to finalizing their debut full-length album, which will be released via Perris Records.

The following message was posted on 99 Crimes‘ Facebook page yesterday: “Paul & Omar mixing 99 Crimes debut full length album.”

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx about 99 Crimes‘ upcoming debut full-length album, Lidel advised: “There are six new songs, so, including the five songs from the EP, there will be a total of 11 songs on the debut. The 11 songs were recorded over the span of two years, starting shortly before our first show. We’re very excited, and our label Perris Records is ready to really get behind it!”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of 99 Crimes‘ debut self-titled EP released last year: “As you might expect from Lidel, you are getting some old school no frills rock n’ roll and his voice has a real retro ’70s feel to it. Lidel‘s guitar playing is solid and he doesn’t overplay on the songs. There isn’t one weak track on this album. In fact, all the songs are really good. It’s one seamless listen from start to finish although there’s probably no “hit singles.” The best tracks are definitely the lead single “Coming Down Like Rain” which also gets the video treatment and the riff oriented “9 Pound Hammer.”  It’s always difficult for a non-fronting band member to step out of the shadows of a successful cult like favorite band — in this case, two successful cult like favorite bands — to take the reigns and front his/her own project but Lidel has done a great job with 99 Crimes. I am now a true believer that Lidel could have forged (and still can) a music career as frontman in a rock n’ roll band.”

You can purchase 99 Crimes‘ self-titled debut EP directly from Perris Records.

99 Crimes‘ “Coming Down Like Rain” video:

99 Crimes – “Coming Down Like Rain”

Austin original hard rock band, 99 Crimes, performing “Coming Down like Rain.” Filmed and produced by Steve Miller @ AustinVideoSpecialist.comFilmed at the …